Our Mission!

Pesto is on a mission to give everyone equal access to opportunity, regardless of where they were born.

BeginningOur Story

We started off as a consultancy to help international companies based in the USA, hire software engineers at an affordable cost from India as remote employees.

During the course of our journey in this business, we realised the talent and potential Indian Engineers had along with the gaps in their skill sets.

Hence, we started Pesto's training program to bring Indian engineers at par with global standards and enable them access to global opportunities at much better salaries.

And the remote working lifestyle allowed engineers to live close to their families and live more purposeful lives.

Most people can’t believe that the only real thing standing between them and a 20x increase in their economic potential is a short, albeit grueling, period of education and an introduction to someone working on the other side of the world.

At Pesto, we are creating a world where access to education and remote work gives everyone equal access to opportunity, regardless of where they were born. We want to build a community of engineers which will offer them a lifetime of learning and support.

Why Pesto

We have developed an India specific curriculum that imbibes the knowledge of software development and focuses on bridging cultural gaps for a remote employee. We strongly live by the culture of hustling and supporting each other across verticals.

At Pesto, one will not only get access to global opportunities and an immense pool of resources but will also be a part of the community that looks after you. We are a bunch of empaths who are inspired by the stories of our students and how they motivate us to be better each day.

Pesto Team

Meet our super-talented unicorns. They make us
who we are today!

Ayush Jaiswal


Arfat Salman

Director of Education

Nimish Gupta

Senior Engineer

Rishabh Jain

Full Stack Developer

Shubham Chandak


Mallika Iyer

UI/UX and Graphic Designer

Sheanne Wilson

Community Manager

Nidhin Thomas Abraham


Manish Shekhawat


Nanda Kishore Subba

Team Builder

Anuj Bansal


Ashna Sharma


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