Pesto Tech

Grow faster by sharing your experience

Lessons from your past help the next generation
move up more quickly

Reasons to become
a mentor with Pesto

Match your experience with the right opportunity


Giving Back

Simply an opportunity to share your special learnings with a larger community



We regularly organize focus group discussions and open mics from the best in the programming world


Coaching Skills

While your mentee gradually becomes a better engineer, you also transform into a better mentor


Extra Income

You are not only compensated for your time but we also have exciting incentives for successfull outcomes

Criteria we look for


Senior engineers having 3-5years of active development experience as a Frontend or a Fullstack engineer (preferably React/Node)


The role thrives on a sharing mindset especially when you open up about your personal learnings on product design, coding practices and application performance


Our milestiones require an upfront commitment of at least 4-5 hours per week from you

Share your learnings with the community, help them grow faster

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