Hire Remote Developers

without trial and error

With the help of GPT we rate developers on quality parameters like code quality, language proficiency, performance, accuracy, security, data modelling, design patterns. We then match you to the ones that match your prompt.

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Pesto’s Way vs

Traditional Hiring

How Pesto helps companies reduce recruitment  time by 9 weeks while saving upto 88% of hiring costs
+ $0
+ $2,000
+ $8,000
+ $8,000
+ $2,000
+ $2,000
+ $2,000
Traditional Method
(12 Weeks)
Day 1
Writing Job Description
Have multiple meetings to share expectations, prepare a JD, upload it on different platforms
Day 2-25
Recruiters, Talent Acquisition,
Referrals, Inbound from Website
Set up a process to promote your opening across different channels, and figure out how to manage applications from different platforms in a centralized database.
Day 25-45
Communication round
Evaluate remote candidates on the basis of English proficiency, documentation skills, and timezone overlap
Day 45-60
Technical Assignment
Create a custom test for applicants, and commission engineering bandwidth to assess test results
Day 60-75
Interview by engineering teams
(2 Rounds)
Use your engineering team's bandwidth to evaluate developers over multiple rounds
Day 75 -85
Interview with the Hiring Manager
Schedule an applicant’s call with the founder to further dive into an applicant’s professional goals and see if they’re a good fit for your work culture
Day 70-90
Initiate compliance and logistics
Negotiate on salary, start paperwork,
manage logistics for onboarding
Pesto's Method
(3 Weeks)
Day 1
Share Requirements
Just answer 5 simple questions & we’ll handle the rest for you.
Day 1-3
Get Pre-vetted Developers
We centralize sourcing and screening efforts so you get access to pre-vetted senior developers with timezone overlap
Day 3-13
Technical interviews
We help you save engineering bandwidth since our developers are pre-interviewed by a senior developer
Day 18-20
Final Round
We help you save engineering bandwidth since our developers are pre-interviewed by a senior developer
Day 21
Give us a nod
We pre-negotiate salaries, manage paperwork, logistics for health insurance, and ship a WFH setup
That's it!
+ $0
+ $0
+ $2,000
+ $1,000
Save 9 weeks in hiring time
88% total cost saving
Build your team
Hire pre-vetted, remote, full-time developers in half the time with time overlap, zero salary negotiations,or contracting issues.
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Success Stories

95% of the world's tech talent is international. Pesto curates the best developers of the world that are ready for their next big opportunity.

We are backed by Industry Leaders

Ryan Hoover, Balaji Srinivasan, Sahil Lavingia, Hiten Shah, Ankur Nagpal, Derek Anderson, Matrix Partners, and many others.
“ Pesto’s results in their prior fellowship cohorts speak for themselves - their future fellowship cohorts will be more outstanding. “
Sahil Lavingia
Founder & CEO, Gumroad
“The future of knowledge work is remote and Pesto is accelerating this transition, connecting strong developers with the world’s best startups.“
Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
“ The Pesto Tech team is building something I’ve personally wished existed when I first started building software: An efficient way to hire high-quality engineers without the pain of trial and error.“
Hiten Shah
Founder and CEO, Nira
“Pesto’s results in their prior fellowship cohorts speak for themselves.“
Ankur Nagpal
Founder Ocho, Teachable
“ Pesto's impact is not limited to better career opportunities for developers, they're uplifting the society using remote work. “
Dr. Ritesh Malik
Founder & CEO, Innov8