What makes Pesto programmers so competent?

Prior work experience

Our programmers already come with several years of experience. We screen those with the best potential and impart them with extra skills necessary for building the next big thing.


Pesto grads undergo rigorous training and have a holistic understanding of full-stack web engineering (Javascript, Node JS, React) along with experience of executing at scale.

Aggressive filtering

We screen thousands of applicants and accept less than 1% into our program. Accepted candidates are not only verified for their technical and interpersonal skills but also for their aptitude.

Your Team, Your Tools and Your Culture

We are a school and not a staffing agency. Engineers operate as full-time remote members of your team and follow your company's culture and processes. We can help with payroll and compliance.

Open source contributions

Our programmers love contributing to open source projects. They have contributed to Open source projects like Uber’s DeckGL, P5.js, Renovate, Highlighter, and many more.

Full stack expertise

We provide intermediate and advanced-level training in Javascript, React, and NodeJs for our graduates

The Process


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Account Management

On sharing a hiring brief with your account manager you’ll receive custom profiles, available for immediate hire.


We can run payroll, provide remote office space and community support to ensure you have a fully productive and happy remote worker.

Hear it from our partners

  • "Pesto met my expectations. The candidates were eloquent and straight to the point. The reservations I had against working with a remote programmer have been dutifully laid to rest."

    MAX LUCTO @ Clipboard Health (YC W17)
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What does it cost to become a Pesto Hiring Partner?

It is 100% free to signup as a Pesto hiring partner. We currently do not charge any fees for hiring engineers from Pesto.

What kind of roles does Pesto help with?

We carefully vet our Pesto students to ensure that every Pesto graduate is proficient in what you would expect of a mid to senior level software developer in full stack web engineering, mobile applications, DevOps, Technical Leads and more. In the hiring portal you get an in-depth look at their specific skillsets and can request to interview Pesto graduates based on your companies specific needs.

Are Pesto graduates full-time employees?

While the specific hiring relationship is ultimately to be decided between you and our Pesto graduates, Pesto graduates have the expectation for full-time roles. Many our Pesto partners utilize a trial relationship to start. Though the employee relationship may be under the 'contractor' label, the expectation is Pesto graduates are looking to contribute a full time work load.

Do Pesto graduates work on our specific time zones?

The defined work hours are to be set between you and the handful of Pesto graduates you connect to interview with. That said, the Pesto program is designed to ensure all our graduates can and able to work traditional US hours.

Do Pesto graduates work remotely?

We're glad you asked. At Pesto, we're a big believer in the power of distributed teams, which is why 99% of our Pesto graduates work remotely, regardless of where your specific company is located. Although some of our Pesto grads are open to relocating, the expectation is that Pesto hires will work remotely while living in India.

Are you a hiring agency?

We are not a hiring agency. Pesto works to train and improve the skills of top level developer talent in India and prepare them to navigate the fast paced world of tech and startups.

Do we need to worry about taxes, benefits, etc?

Nope! Because we have set up business infrastructure in India, you do not need to worry about any taxes, benefits, etc. For a small fee, we will assist with the the payroll logistics. For many startups and companies, not having to incorporate in India can lead to significant payroll cost savings. Consider your investment in a Pesto graduate as a annual cost all in.

What if there is an issue with a Pesto hire?

In the rare chance that you have an issue with a recent Pesto hire, we suggest you work with them directly to resolve any conflicts. That said, we're always happy to assist in specific cases where you need our assistance.

What is the salary of Pesto graduate?

The annual salary is negotiated between you and the Pesto graduate. Please keep in mind, you do not need to worry about taxes, benefits etc. Consider your investment in a Pesto graduate as a yearly salary. As a general rule of thumb, the salary of Pesto graduate is in the range of a mid to senior level software developer, minus the costs of benefits, taxes etc, which can lead to a large cost savings.

Additional Questions

If you have any additional questions, feel free to write to us at [email protected]

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