What is Pesto mentorship?

Our hallmark mentorship program is run by senior level software developers from Amazon, Facebook Myntra, and Flipkart, to mention a few. Pesto mentors dedicate a few hours every week to train our students. Your task, if you have what it takes, will be to impart our talent pool with advanced-level programming skills.

Share your knowledge and
watch your students grow

You get to choose how many hours you want to teach.
You decide on the topic you want to teach, we help you turn it into a learning-friendly curriculum
You get to tighten the grip on the subject matter you teach. It is proven that learning by teaching others results in a 90% average retention rate..

Let our specialist help you in designing your own course

Choose the topic. Define the structure. Our programmers will help you write it down.

Network with other mentors from Top technology companies

Meet your industry peers from the best Technology companies swap notes with them. Network your way to new opportunities.


Will I have to leave my regular job?

You don’t have to. You decide how many hours you want to teach. You can work Monday-Friday and still dedicate a few hours to teach our students during weekends.

Will I have to create the whole course material?

We will help you with that. When you come aboard and choose your topic, our specialists will help you write and customize your course.

How much can I earn as a mentor?

That is totally up to you. You chose the number of hours you can dedicate teaching. Some of our mentors from Flipkart earn up to 30% of their monthly salary, teaching at Pesto.