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Pesto turns India's best software engineers into the world's best software engineers.

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Why hire with Pesto?

Training that goes deep

Hire an engineer that not only understands how their code works, but understands why it works. Pesto engineers study how modern tech works under the hood.

Productive from day one

Hire an engineer trained in remote work. Pesto engineers are trained to be highly effective members of your team without needing to set foot in an office.

Best in-class training

Hire an engineer who is formally trained on the latest tech: React, GraphQL, CI/CD, functional programming, e2e testing, TDD, NoSQL and SQL databases, modern application architecture, etc.

Clean code

Hire an engineer who writes code like poetry. Pesto engineers learn to write code to be read by humans, not just computers.

Proven engineers

Hire an engineer with a proven track record. View Pesto graduates' contributions to popular open source libraries like Reddit Enhancement Suite, Stryker, and p5.js.

Work in your timezone

Hire an engineer in your timezone. Pesto engineers train for 3 months matching US Pacific hours so they can easily timezone match your core team.

Different country, same expectations

Hire a professional. Pesto engineers are trained in US professional work culture and etiquette to ensure that they integrate seamlessly with any team.

No hiring fees

We are a school for elite engineers, not a recruiting company. We don't limit our graduates employment opportunities by charging hiring partners.

We send out a monthly email with profiles on our new graduates.

Never hired remote before?

We can take care of all of the tax, legal and logistical complexities for you. We have standard contract templates, cross currency payroll and can even provide your new hire with a dedicated desk in our engineering center in Delhi.

We make building a distributed team as easy as interview, offer, start.

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