We allow any company to recruit and build a talented, high-functioning distributed engineering team.

Why hire with Pesto?

Pesto is not a "learn to code" bootcamp. Pesto engineers typically have a computer science degree and relative work experience before applying.

Pesto engineers are selected from India's top software engineering talent. We receive thousands of applications and accept less than 1 percent into our program.

Pesto Engineers not only learn cutting edge web technologies but they also learn about western work culture and how to be effective remote team members.

We don't charge any recruiting fees.

Managed Hires

With managed hires, Partners don't have to worry about the tax, legal or logistical complications surrounding overseas employees.

We guide Partners through the hiring process with standard contract templates and a suite of software tools to automate common administrative tasks.

Easy Payments.

Partners are able to pay salaries directly to Pesto in USD and record the payment as a consulting expense. We handle compliance with Indian employment laws, currency conversions and direct deposits into their managed hire's Indian bank account.

You don't need to set up an office in India.

Managed hires work remotely from one of Pesto's workplaces where they will be given a dedicated desk and access to fast, reliable wifi.

Direct Hire

This is best for companies that already have an office in India, plan on sponsoring visas or have experience operating fully remote, international teams.

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What technologies do Pesto engineers know?

Our intense training focuses on modern javascript frameworks and software engineering best practices including: test driven development, git, react, react-native, nodejs, typescript, graphql, serverless, mongodb, continuous deployment

Where are Managed Hires based?

Managed Hires work out of our office in Delhi, India where they have 24 hour access to stable, fast wifi.

I’m based in the US, how will I work with my Managed Hires across time zones?

Our training program runs during US Pacific business hours. This prepares Pesto engineers for any timezone adjustments that may be necessary to be effective remote team members.

Specific timezone adjusts vary from Partner to Partner. With most managed hires, we recommend Pesto engineers adjust their schedule to fully match that partner's timezone for the first month. Once the partner is onboarded and the Pesto engineers feel comfortable with the partner workflows, the Pesto engineers will return to more normal working hours for their timezone, with a partial timezone overlap in their partner's timezone.

We will help guide partners and engineers through timezone matching and outline expectations clearly in our standard contract templates.

Do Managed Hires work on other projects?

No. Manged Hires are treated just like any other full time employee. Our standard contract templates forbid Managed Hires from working on other projects while under contract with a partner company.

Do I need to buy any equipment for my Managed Hires?

No. We provide financing options to Pesto engineers so that they can buy their own MacBook laptops. Our office space is already outfitted with desks, monitors, android and iOS development devices and any other tools Pesto engineers need for increased productivity.

Do Pesto engineers speak English?

Yes, all Pesto engineers are fluent in English and must pass language proficiency tests during the screening process.

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