Pesto turns India's best software engineers into the world's best software engineers.

Pesto graduates are pre-vetted, pre-trained and ready to start work immediately.

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Why hire with Pesto?

Pesto is not a learn to code bootcamp. Our students quit their software engineering jobs to join our training program. Our typical student has a CS degree and multiple years of work experience prior to starting training.

Talent you can trust

We screen tens of thousands of applicants and accept less than 1% into our program. Accepted candidates fly to our training center where we work with them intensely for 3 months. We not only verify their technical skills but also their integrity. We won't graduate any student who doesn't meet our standards for technical skills and quality of character.

Your tools, your team, your culture

We are a school, not a staffing agency. Pesto engineers operate as dedicated remote team members. You are their boss, not us. We can help with payroll and compliance but once you hire a Pesto engineer, we get out of the way and let you two get to work.

Software engineers, not script kiddies

The best talent wants to work at the best companies. Students join Pesto because they want to work in global tech teams solving hard problems. They look at engineering as their art form and have a passion for continuously improving their craft.

We make remote work, work

On-boarding a new remote team member can be tricky. Pesto engineers are trained on how to be effective remote employees. They are taught how to on-board themselves onto new teams and will even fully timezone match your core team to get started.

Different country, same expectations

We have developed an India specific curriculum that focuses on soft skills and bridging cultural gaps. Pesto engineers understand US work culture, making it easy to communicate and align on expectations.

No hiring fees

We are a school for elite engineers, not a recruiting company. We don't limit our graduates' employment opportunities by charging hiring partners.

Max Lu

Working with Pesto has been a series of high expectations which have each been exceptionally met. Any reservations I had about working with a remote engineer have been dutifully laid to rest by the remarkable quality of the engineer that we hired from Pesto, Bharani.

Max Lu

CTO @ Clipboard Health (YC W17)

Bo Li

Nikhil is one of the best employees one could have ever hoped for. He's incredibly smart and talented (technical ninja) and works amazingly with other people. He has the mindset of a champion and really embodies that to the core. Sucks up any information and feedback instantly and crushes any work given to him. An insane pleasure to work with him.

Bo Li

Engineering Manager @ Jumpcut (YC S16)

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Never hired remote before?

We can take care of all of the tax, legal and logistical complexities for you. We have standard contract templates, cross currency payroll and can even provide your new hire with a dedicated desk in our engineering center in Delhi.

We make building a distributed team as easy as interview, offer, start.

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