PROProgram Outline

Schedule: Ongoing via monthly sprints
Commitment: 8 to 16 hours per month
Location: Remotely / All Over India

Become a 360 Degree Engineer

Apart from advanced software engineering, you will also learn aspects of Product Management, Design / Design Thinking and Business / Entrepreneurship.

Advanced Software Engineering

Advanced Javascript, Full Stack Integration, Architecture and Design, Speed and Performance, High Scalability and more to get on par with top international talent.

Product Management

Behavioural Psychology, Research, Cross functional leadership, Business Analysis and more


Design Thinking, How to design for the users, UI / UX, Solving problems with design, Form vs Function, etc

Business and Entrepreneurship

Learn from experiences of entrepreneurs, growth, scaling profitably, learning from failures and other candid experiences which you won't hear in public forums.

Logistics & Perks

No Upfront charges

We don't charge you anything upfront and you only pay a percentage of your income once you get you the opportunity you deserve

Guest Lectures

Invite only interactions and guest lectures by eminent industry experts on a variety of topics to fuel your learning.

Pesto Community

Access to Pesto's Tech Talks, Alumni Network, Entrepreneur Interactions, Annual Retreats, Midnight adventures and gaming nights and fun merchandise.

Pesto Pro

₹0 upfront fees

17% of salary for 36 months

Total payments capped at ₹20,00,000

Only pay once you accept an opportunity you like.

₹10,000 refundable deposit applicable on joining

How Much Does it Cost?

We believe in equality of opportunity. Therefore we do not charge anything up front. Instead we take a percentage of each student's future income.

This puts us on the same team as our students. The better they do, the better we do.

Apply to Join
Apply to Join

Prerequisites of
joining Pesto Pro

Expert in a Software Engineering Stack

Should have built products at scale

Relevant Work Experience of 5+ years

Good communication skills


Who is Pesto for?

Our typical applicant is a software engineer with 2 to 5+ years of relevant work experience.

What is the average salary of Pesto alumni?

The average salary for Pesto Residency graduates is ₹31 LPA.

Will I have to pay any fee upfront?

No. There are no upfront fees and you pay via an ISA once you get a job. ( see question on ISA below ) However, we request a fully refundable deposit of 10,000 INR once you get selected to confirm your spot in a batch. We do this because we’ve limited spots in the program and we need to make sure someone else can’t take away this opportunity from you by false confirmations. We refund the full amount of 10,000 INR when you join the batch.

What is an ISA and how does it work ?

An ISA or Income share agreement is used for paying Pesto once you have got a job at the salary you deserve. You will pay 17% of your monthly income for a maximum period of 3 years or a maximum cap amount of Rs 20 lakhs. Since Pesto does not charge any fees upfront, the ISA model incentivises us to provide superior training and access to the highest paying opportunities for you. We win when you do.

What happens if I quit the program? Do I still have to pay?

If you quit or do not pass performance reviews within the first 6 weeks joining Pesto, you will not be bound by the income share agreement and we will go our separate ways. Your security deposit of Rs 10,000 will also be refunded. This allows anyone to try Pesto risk free. We believe that if you don't find our training valuable, we don't deserve your money.

When is the security deposit not refunded ?

The only scenario when your security deposit is not refunded is when you sign up to join the program but do not show up at the start or complete the initial trial period. This allows anyone to try Pesto risk free. We believe that if you don’t find our training valuable, we don’t deserve your money.

Do I have to accept my offer from hiring partners?

No, the income share agreement does not bind you to any one company. In fact, you don't have to accept an offer at all. This is why we structure the agreement as 36 paying months. It gives you flexibility to do what you want as you are not liable to pay during the months you don't have a monthly income

Do I have to work for the same company for three years? Can I switch jobs?

Nope, how long you decide to stay with a company is between you and that company. If you love it, feel free to stick around. If you don't, you are free to leave.

Can I end the contract early?

Yes. If you would like to end your contract early, you can pay the amount equivalent to the payment cap on the contract minus any payments already made.

Additional Questions

If you have any additional questions, feel free to write to us at [email protected]

Hear it from our students

  • "At pesto, we not only get to learn CS fundamentals or latest technologies, we also get to learn soft skills, how to work with remote companies and their expectations from us. It was a complete package. "

    SOURABH MODISr. Software Engineer,
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