Pesto Tech

Full Stack Web Development Course

An intensive 8-month program to help you upgrade your skills very quickly

  • HTML / CSS
  • NodeJS
  • ReactJS
  • Redux
  • Product Management
  • Architecture Design
  • Problem Solving
  • Soft skills


Engineering is often over-simplified to just coding but to deliver a good customer experience, one needs more. So here we have designed a wholesome curriculum where we do a refresher on key fundamentals, move from engineering design to detailed implementation, and focus on the larger lifecycle of product building.

This 32-weeks mentor-led training program is split into 21 weeks of theory + 8 weeks of project building + 3 weeks of intense interview prep. All along the program, you will be up-skilled on behavioural skills.

21 weeks of theory

  • -> Weekend live lectures by top developers
  • -> Weekly 1:1 mentor sessions
  • -> 40+ hours of video lectures on HTML/CSS, Javascript, ReactJS, Node, and High-Quality coding standards
  • -> Personalized coaching on technical & soft skills to make you an all round product engineer
  • -> High focus on making you global-ready

8 weeks of project building

The goal would be to build yourself a showcase project which puts you in the spotlight for making thoughtful choices in design and implementation. This section is divided into 2 phases

  • -> Phase 1: Write a business case and customer needs. Build your PRD followed by UX and system design.
  • -> Phase 2: Start with design patterns, the testing plan followed by Production readiness like security, performance, and pixel perfection.

3 weeks of interview preparation

  • -> 3+ hours of mock interviews by a panel with dedicated feedback
  • -> 1:1 coaching on complete profile building
  • -> Dedicated profile on Pesto’s platform to help you land jobs


  • -> Focuses on making you a Global Product Engineer
  • -> Help you become a Javascript expert
  • -> Personalized learning via smaller cohorts of 10-15 students
  • -> Equal focus on problem-solving and design thinking
  • -> A vibrant community for years to come
  • -> Access to top mentors

Career Services

We're on a mission to help you realize your full potential. For that reason, Pesto’s DNA has always been outcome-based. We believe skills eat degrees for lunch - that's why we act as a platform to help you unlock opportunities.

We’ve modules for placement prep, mock interviews & language training done by a native English speaker to make sure your confidence in code is reflected in your communication.

Placement Prep Modules

Learn from our tested formula that has delivered up to 50x better-paying jobs. We make you go through these live sessions with our industry experts followed by recorded modules.

Job referrals

Our experts curate the jobs that fit your profiles & share a shortlist with you - you can then select the jobs that excite you the most & apply for those using the Pesto platform.

Access to Partners

Top performers get curated for enterprise customers of Pesto. Our team then pitches you to these companies & negotiates on your behalf to help you get the best opportunities.

Success Stories

I am a self-taught developer. And, recently I sold my company. Life has been truly full of challenges and opportunities.
Shadab Alam


From getting rejected by 200 companies, to landing a job with 250% hike, I can't thank my Pesto mentor enough!
Siddharth Anand

Captain Fresh

Pesto helped me break stereotypes and fast track my career. I was even able to buy my house sooner than expected.
Vikalp Panseriya


I am not a 9 am - 6pm person. I love the flexibility to work at my own hours. Pesto has been truly a life-changing experience.
Sumit Nihalani


I wanted to remain close to family, yet work globally. Came across Pesto on Instagram and there has been no looking back!
Sourabh Modi

Stilt Inc

Love building beautiful products from scratch. Global teams makes me realise how different cultures operate.
Vikash Bijrania


Start Dates

Starting in

November 2022

Admission Process

Fill out the registration form, take a 45 mins quiz, and select your fee structure.

Who is it for?

We group you with like-minded people based on small cohorts. The program is good for you if you fit into one of the following categories:

  • -> Engineering graduate with fundamental knowledge about web development
  • -> You’ve been working in IT sector & looking to upskill yourself
  • -> You’re a senior developer looking to give yourself exposure to all-round product engineering


₹2.5L 1.8L (inclusive of taxes). You can get super affordable EMI options.

Money-back if you choose to withdraw within 2 weeks. Please note blocking fee will be forfeited.

EMI Options

You can get access to extremely affordable EMI options from our partners.
The monthly instalments can be as low as ₹7,500

Start you application

Become a student at Pesto. The latest application deadline is

8 October 2022