Our Mission!

Pesto is on a mission to give everyone equal access to opportunity, regardless of where they were born.

"Pesto provided me a world-class learning environment which immensely helped me grow technically as well as personally."

Ravi Kumar PrasadEngineer at MyScoot

"Pesto helped me find the mentors that I’ve been looking for a long, long time. It made my dream of working at a great culture company into a reality."

Shivang TripathiEngineer at WorkLoveWork

"Pesto has inculcated a strong desire to learn new things to get better at my job, along with improving my soft skills."

Prakhar YadavEngineer at WorkLoveWork

"Change in mindset", that is how I'd like to describe my experience at Pesto :)

Nikhil AroraEngineer at Jumpcut

"Pesto made me realise the importance of having a dream and working towards it. Not losing hope on a bad day, not getting too excited on a good day but working every day to turn your dream into reality."

MONIS AHMADEngineer at Residenetwork.com

"I really got more experience than expected. I learned more in my first month at Pesto than I did in 5 years at college and worked with people from around the world. Honestly, I wouldn’t get this much experience from anywhere else."

BHARANI NATESANEngineer at ClipboardHealth.com

“Life is going amazing so far and the remote work is giving me all the liberty that I want. I love giving time to myself where I read and often visit my family. Above all, I feel respected and appreciated at my new job.”

SHALINI TYAGISoftware Engineer, Highlighter.com

“At Pesto, we not only get to learn CS fundamentals or latest technologies, we also get to learn soft skills, how to work with remote companies and their expectations from us. It was a complete package.”

SOURABH MODISr. Software Engineer, Highlighter.com

“I love travelling and and now I can finally make that dream happen. I plan to work from a different city every month in India and hopefully move to international destinations next year. Pesto has been a life changing experience.”

SUMIT NIHALINISoftware Engineer, Remotion.com

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