Scale your tech team, at lightspeed

We help you hire pre-vetted high-quality full-time developers while tightening your wage bill.

Talent is universal, opportunity is not

Let’s change that together

Here’s how we do it in 4 simple steps

1. Admission

We invite applications from working professionals for every new batch.

2. Selection

They are screened for academic/industry credentials and most importantly their passion for programming

3. Training

Every student goes through our comprehensive 16 weeks reskilling program that deals in product thinking, programming, people skills and more.

4. Deployment

Only those who meet our graduation standard qualify for introductions with our partners for hiring discussions.

You get your first shortlist within 24 hours

We move fast, we know our partners do too. Most of our partners actually hire within 72 hours.

The process of hiring, in general, can be long and tedious. We are able to keep it relatively short and sweet by giving you access to an insightful digest on every developer along with the individual output from their coursework.

Post hiring, count on us!

Pesto is not just about recruitment, it’s about a relationship. We continue to support our partners in the following ways:

– Need to get a laptop setup or some swag for them? We got you!
– Streamline your paperwork & payroll software for smooth logistics
– We engage your hires on performance and community learnings

Here's what our clients think about us

“Pesto met my expectations. The candidates were eloquent and straight to the point. The reservations I had against working with a remote programmer have been dutifully laid to rest.”

Max LuCTO at Clipboard Health (YC W17)

“You know with other contractors I’ve hired, it’s kind of like, well, you know, maybe I’m glad this is a temporary thing. But the guys that I hired with Pesto, they can stay with me as long as they want. If they keep working like this, they’ve got jobs forever. As long as I have a job.”

David HudsonCEO at Work Love

“As a hiring partner, I'm happy to share my experience working with talent from Pesto! I believe great careers are getting made.”

David KindCEO at Highlighter

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