A career accelerator for India’s top software engineering talent.

Level up your skills by training with top Silicon Valley engineers

Pay nothing if you are making less than ₹15 LPA

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We work with some amazing people.

Pesto has created a new model for employing India's top software engineering talent

Twice per year we will select candidates from across India. They will be expected to move to Delhi for 3 months, during which we will work intensively with them to make them in the best possible shape to be employed directly by top international tech companies as full time remote software engineers.

At the end of each cycle, we will invite a selected group of companies to attend a virtual Demo Day. Pesto engineers will be able to showcase open source projects that they have built during training and compete for their dream job offers.

Pesto doesn’t end on Demo Day. After engineers are placed, we will continue to help them by providing financing for modern equipment and a developer community where they can continue learn from each other.

How It Works


We start with an intensive screening process where we test for a minimum required understanding of computer science fundamentals, english language proficiency and an intense eagerness to learn.


If selected, students will go through our boot camp where they will learn modern software engineering best practices. Our boot camp is intense and is designed to push applicants to not just learn a set of javascript frameworks but to learn how to learn, giving each student the tools they will need to always stay at the bleeding edge of technology.

Demo Day

Students that pass out of the boot camp will be invited to participate in a virtual demo day where they will showcase their skills to our hiring partners. This gives students the unique opportunity to be discovered by the international tech community where they will be able to earn compensation packages similar to their American or European peers.

Starting Work

To make the on-boarding process as seamless as possible for both students and our partners, we take care of the routine administrative tasks required when bringing on a new remote teammate. We can provide services such as standard contract templates, cross currency invoicing, remote employee management guides and daily task reports.


After graduation, Pesto Alumni become part of a powerful network where engineers can continue learn from each other. We also provide financing options to help alumni buy any equipment that they will need to succeed at their new job such as MacBooks, development devices, etc.

How much does it cost?

We believe in equality of opportunity. Therefore we want every student to have equal access to our program. We do not charge anything up front. Instead we take a percentage of each students future income. This puts us on the same same team as our students. The better they do, the better we do.

Program Outline

  • Schedule: 12 weeks, Mon - Fri, 9pm to 6am IST
  • Location: New Delhi
  • Next Batch: Starting in late 2018

Before starting training, every student should review our open source curriculum. This goes over all of the different topics that we will cover during the course. It is meant to be a brief overview to introduce students to each topic. Students are expected to review this fully before their first day.

Weeks 1 - 4: Skills Assessment of Pre-Training Resources

For the first four weeks we will go over all of the pre-training curriculum in depth. This will be extremely fast paced as it is expected that students are at least somewhat familiar with each topic before showing up.

Weeks 5 - 8: Capstone Project

Students will be working in teams designing, building and shipping a real full stack application. This exposes them to real world examples of the type of work that will be expected of them after graduation.

Throughout the course of the project we introduce new design constraints so that every student is exposed to every core concept regardless of what each team wants to build.

Examples constraints include: deploying the project with continuous integration, adding unit and integration tests, using a mongo database, adding user authentication and safely storing credentials

The project will be open source and will serve as a portfolio piece to show potential hiring partners.

Weeks 9 - 12: Open Source Apprenticeship

We have reached out to the maintainers of a variety of open source projects and put together a list of projects that need student help. Each student will choose one of these projects. They will then spend their last four weeks making meaningful contributions to their chosen project guided by Pesto teachers and the projects maintainers.


What happens if I don't get an offer for ₹15 LPA?

We feel if you don't get a job paying at least ₹15 LPA, our training program isn't good enough and you shouldn't have to pay for it. You won't pay a cent.

Who are your instructors?

Our instructors are dedicated, full time, expert engineers that have worked on products that have touched millions of people.

We also live stream in expert engineers from Silicon Valley to do tech talks and guest lectures.

Who is Pesto for?

Our typical applicant has a computer science degree and at least one year of related work experience outside of internships.

However at the end of the day, we only care about results. If you do not come from a traditional educational or work background but are a strong programmer and a good communicator, we want to hear from you.

What happens if I quit the program? Do I still have to pay?

If you quit or do not pass performance reviews within the first 4 weeks of training, you will not be bound by the income share agreement. You will pay $0 and we will go our separate ways.

This allows anyone to try Pesto risk free. We believe that if you don't find our training valuable, we don't deserve your money.

Why is the program overnight?

At Pesto our goal is to prepare engineers to work with the best software companies in the world. Many of those companies are in Silicon Valley. We time adjust our program hours to match Silicon Valley working hours. This prepares engineers for the real world constraints that they might encounter in their new remote jobs.

Night shifts are a common practice for doctors and nurses in hospitals because that is what is required of them to get the job done. As a Pesto engineer, sometimes working odd hours to coordinate in real time with your teammates before a product launch is what is required to get the job done.

Will I have to relocate to Delhi?

Yes. This program is on site in our Delhi offices and full attendance is required.

Can I do this program along with my college/job?

No. Pesto is a full time commitment. You will not have time for another job or college classes. If the schedule overlaps slightly with exams, let us know. We can make minor adjustments on a case by case basis.

Will I have to pay any fee upfront?

No. There are no upfront fees.