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Our Values

Our values are at the heart of everything we do. They’re less but mighty for us. It reflects in our processes, decision making & recruiting.


You own your work and are excellent at managing your projects.


You care deeply about developers & would go the extra mile to positively impact their lives.

Performance Mindset

You care deeply about your work & strive for perfection, down the to smallest details.


You’re a great listener and articulate with your thoughts, be it in a meeting or in writing.


You’ve set very high standards for yourself and want a culture that empowers you to achieve it.


You love making order out of chaos. You like organizing your work, being transparent, and building in public.

Our remote philosophy

Since 2017, we’ve been empowering global talent to get the attention they deserve. Our vision for remote work has 3 main pillars →


Talent across the world deserves access, visibility & a level playing field. We’re building Pesto to give you a fair shot at building your global career.


Talent should have access to high-quality & affordable education so they can engage in async work productively.


Remote work shouldn’t be lonely. We’re building a community for you - a place where you belong. We always have your back, in the good times and the bad.

Our community - For the next-gen developers of the world.

Remote work shouldn't be lonely. That's why we empower developers to come together and help each other out. Our community is a place of developers from all walks of life. From sharing best practices to career hacks, it's a place for everyone, from everywhere.

“Working remotely at a US-based startup from India, isn't that the dream?”

Pesto’s training got me to crack the interview at a US based start-up in Silicon Valley. I got a 7x better paying job where I’m working remotely from India. This has turned out to be the best thing in my life!

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Hitesh Chauhan
Full Stack Engineer, Default
Salary Hike after Pesto
Grad year of Pesto

“I'm at least 5 years ahead in my career.“

I've joined  PestoTech in 2021 and the change I've got in my career is explosive. The mentorship, the career coaches, and the partner companies are top of the line. Kudos to @aayushjaiswal07 for making this amazing machine.

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Abhishek Saxena
Frontend Engineer, Snorkel AI
Salary Hike after Pesto
Grad year of Pesto

“I got laid off in the pandemic. Pesto helped me get a job at 5x my salary.”

Once I had a working knowledge of some coding concepts, and had some experience working on real-world projects, I was looking to strengthen my presence in this field. Pesto Tech guided and supported me to enable me to do that. They instilled a drive in me to better myself everyday. When I was laid off due to Covid, Pesto and Ayush Jaiswal were there for me, and put me in contact with some great people and companies, one of whose offers I accepted earlier this year. I couldn't have been where I am without them. Love you guys!

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Prakhar Yadav
Full Stack Engineer, Cresicor
Salary Hike after Pesto
Grad year of Pesto

“What if I tell you that you can level up your technical skills and boost your income by 5-10x?”

And for this, you don't even have to be from tier-1 college? Sounds like a dream, right? Well, Pesto Tech helped me make this dream come true. In March 2019, I came across an Instagram Ad which said they can help me achieve the above. I got placed in a YC startup and an increase of 8x in my income after a month of my graduation (Oct 2019). And today it's even higher than that. You just need the right skills with right guidance, that Pesto helped me with.

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Kunal Bhatia
Software Engineer, Iron Plans
Salary Hike after Pesto
Grad year of Pesto

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Backed by Many

Ryan Hoover, Balaji Srinivasan, Sahil Lavingia, Hiten Shah, Ankur Nagpal, Derek Anderson, Matrix Partners, and many others.

The Pesto Tech team is building something I’ve personally wished existed when I first started building software: An efficient way to hire high-quality engineers without the pain of trial and error.

Hiten Shah
Founder & CEO, FYI & Product Habits

The future of knowledge work is remote and Pesto is accelerating this transition, connecting strong developers with the world’s best startups.

Ryan Hoover
Founder of Product Hunt, and an Angel Investor
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