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No matter your level, we have a custom curriculum for you

Our high-velocity mentorship program meant for those who already get things done quite independently but need a little push to unlock their true potential in the global remote markets.
This program is well-suited for experienced software professionals who mostly deal in frontend/fullstack engineering work and who are relatively more competent in ReactJS already but need some help in nurturing their product mindset, customer obsession, leadership principles and design thinking. In short, it helps transform your role from being an application developer to more of a product engineer.

We prime you to be a well-rounded candidate

You get to pick the right projects for you and we help you make it easy

Pesto fellows
Success stories

We believe developers should understand business, product, and design
skills in addition to engineering. When remote, empathy matters.

Lokesh R
Full Stack Engineer - NUSIC

I wish to express my sincere gratitude to all the superheroes at Pesto. Got a very good exposure from domain experts. Special thanks to Satyam for his detailed classes and code reviews that never missed to Amaze me. Keep up the Great work.

Rushikesh M Akhare

I am thankful to Satyam, Arfat, Sugandha, Nidhin, Ayush & Entire Pesto team for directing me towards the Best I can think of. The journey so far has been great and full of learning from different people including my peers from my batch. It's great to be in this community. Would love to contribute and grow together here.

Dipen Parihar

It was October 2020, when I came across Pesto Remote Program at Pesto Tech. Fortunately, I got selected and completed the program, under the mentorship of Arfat Salman and Ayush Jaiswal. This has been an incredible learning journey so far. Over the program, I've learned many things that have made me a better developer. I can see the difference in how I work, approach problems, and create solutions in a way that wasn't there before. I am very thankful to Arfat, Satyam, Vivek, and entire Pesto Tech team for all their support during the program. Looking forward to contributing to this great community Pesto Tech has built.

Rajesh Dhiman
Alloy Automation

A few months ago, I came across the Pesto Remote program at Pesto Tech. I immediately applied and luckily got selected as well. This has been an incredible journey so far. Over the last four months, I've learned many things that have made me a better developer. I can see the difference in how I work, approach problems, and create solutions in a way that wasn't there before. I am very thankful to Arfat, Nidhin, Vivek, Ayush and the entire Pesto tech team for all their guidance and support during the program. I look forward to contributing to this beautiful community built by Pesto Tech

Nikhil S Bhandarkar

I am really thankful to the entire Pesto family. Only because of them I was able to make this huge leap in my career. Special thanks to Satyam, Arfat, Ayush, Nidhin, Sugandha, my peers and the entire Pesto family.

Yash Priyam
Full Stack Developer - Toddle

The team is utterly great in terms of their knowledge and especially in co-operating with us. The amount of things that I have learnt here in 2-3 months is something I couldn't have learnt by my own in maybe 2 years. Pesto has really shaped my Professional future for the better. It has actually fast forwarded me by atleast 2 years in my career. I have been elevated as a Developer quite a lot with Pesto's help.

Featured Pesto Fellows

Over the last couple of years, we've had incredible group of people with us.
Here are some of the fellows of our program.

Frequently asked

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Who is Pesto for?
Our typical applicant is a software engineer with 2 to 5+ years of relevant work experience.
What are the different programs offered by Pesto?
What is the average salary of Pesto alumni?
Is there any fee to join the program?