10 tips to land a high-paying front-end developer job

Learn how to leverage your existing networks and create new contacts to increase your chances of getting a front-end developer job. Get 10 tips to help you network more effectively.
Ishaan Gupta


The technicalities lying behind your computer screen are mysterious. Websites, for instance, seem like a unique form of magic – something functioning so seamlessly that you can do nothing but admire its capacities. If you too are intrigued with the world of coding and wish to try your hands at it, you can become a front-end developer. 

However, finding a front-end developer job is quite challenging. With so much competition out there, you need to know how to stand out among the crowd. In this article, we will discuss some of the best tips that will help you land your dream job. We have also discussed the resources you can rely on to hone your skills.

Who Are Front End Developers?

Modern-day businesses can prosper only if their website has a simple and user-friendly layout. Unfortunately, as per recent research, it was found that around 50 percent of customers left an online platform without purchasing due to poor experience. Consequently, now more than ever, entrepreneurs depend on top-notch design, and talented developers can only offer that.

Front-end developers are responsible for creating a website's visual and interactive elements that users see and interact with. From customized gradients and fonts to dropdown menus and animations, they create an immersive and enjoyable online experience. To do this, they must be proficient in languages like CSS, JavaScript, and HTML and utilize frameworks such as AngularJS, jQuery, and Bootstrap.

Employers are beginning to acknowledge the importance of hiring talented front-end developers. This profession is projected to grow by at least 13% from 2022 to 2028, which is faster than any other job. As more resources are available to people, many countries need more qualified developers. With the growing demand, the opportunities for this role are expected to increase.

Best resources to learn front end development

You do not need a higher degree or undergo any rigorous course to get front-end developer jobs. However, if you can prove you have the right skills, you can enter the industry without much hassle. Below are a few tried and tested resources on which successful developers rely.

Coding Bootcamps

Do you need to learn when isolated? Without proper guidance from a reliable tutor and enthusiastic peers, you may not even get started, much less adhere to a stringent regimen. Coding boot camps are short yet intensive courses that give people the practical experience they need to land a lucrative job. In addition, they help you cultivate front-end development skills even when you have yet to study computers. Coding boot camps help you become a professional web developer from an amateur within a short period. 

University Programs

You may opt for a computer science program at any well-known university. It lets you know about the practical and theoretical aspects of software design and programming. However, people with no money or a hectic schedule and who need to dedicate more time are not suited for these programs.

Free Courses

We all are fortunate enough to live during an age of open-source content. Therefore, the information you require regarding programming is readily available. If you are eager, you can finish projects by referencing free tutorials, guides, and workbooks. After you gain a bit of experience, try coding platforms to hone the website development concepts.

Paid Courses

Although free coding platforms are easy to access, they are only sometimes considered an optimal educational option. Paid courses include personalized sessions with an expert tutor. After mastering the necessary topics, you may even get specialized certificates that you may show during job interviews.


Several books on the market can let you learn everything about front-end development. However, if you are still looking for different tutorials for organized lessons, you must rely on coding text. Programming books help you integrate information in a much more structured manner. You also become aware of the underlying principles and theories.

Find A Job As A Front-End Developer: Ten Tips To Keep In Mind

At times, even after you have received a formal education, you may need help to establish yourself as a successful developer. New front-end developers often find land a satisfying, long-lasting role challenging. To become an out-of-the-box candidate, do the following with utmost diligence.

Develop The Skills

There is a wide array of skills that employers look for when hiring developers. If you wish to launch a high-flying career, add proficiency and the following development tools to your professional skill set.

CSS, HTML, and JavaScript

CSS, HTML, and JavaScript are the building blocks of the web. Developers generally combine these three languages to construct a site's dynamic, viewable, and interactive elements.

Hypertext Markup Language or HTML defines the structure of a website and the layout of the content that the website has. It performs two essential functions – 

a) Linking separate pages 

b) Annotating content using markup tags. 

All web pages are stored online as HTML pages. They contain HTML elements through tags.

For example, the developers may describe a paragraph using the tag “<p>.” They will then place the written text and cap it off with another “<p”>. The behavior and appearance of this paragraph can be modified if you reference its identifier, type, class, and name. All of these are inside the tag.

Cascading Style Sheets or CSS changes how an HTML element appears on a page. Front-end developers rely on CSS to modify the appearance of HTML. They reference HTML elements like blocks, paragraphs, buttons, etc. CSS is specifically powerful because it can stylize innumerable HTML tags. The small and strategic codes can change color, word spacing, background, fonts, and everything that can make a website more compelling and attractive.

JavaScript allows web pages to act as per user commands. It is a lightweight but strong language that can animate images, update content, take care of queries, and control multimedia. Without JavaScript, websites will have fundamental functionality. One of the best front-end developer tools, it can make an HTML element dynamically responsible without any page redirection.


AJAX updates the web pages asynchronously by transferring data via a server. It decreases dependency on the network and increases the user-friendliness of a webpage.

DOM Manipulation

DOM Manipulation lets a website seamlessly respond to user behaviors. For example, do you wish to create a form where users can add comments like a blog post? If yes, you must know your way around DOM.


SQL and NoSQL enable developers to interact with data that have been stored permanently. The former handles relational databases, while the latter deals with non-relational databases.


Node.js is a highly significant platform. It helps developers construct scalable network solutions that endure huge traffic and user loads. Moreover, thanks to Node, JavaScript codes can run outside conventional browser settings.

Level Up the Skills with Different Project Ideas

To master front-end development, you must continue leveling up the above skills. The best method to do so is to get involved in different projects. Freshers, for example, can build a site for a restaurant, athletic club, or shopping mall.

Build a Portfolio Website

A Portfolio website is another significant thing you must consider. It enables the interviewers to evaluate whether or not they are a good fit for the role they have been searching for. Continue updating the portfolio website to stay relevant in the job market.

Gain Experience

You must gain a substantial amount of experience. This will demonstrate your commitment to front-end development. Volunteering to build programs for a local company is a good idea. You can also do some freelance work, get involved in different open-source projects, and keep building things you are passionate about. The more work you do, the more experience you gain. In the end, you land a job in a reputed organization.

Highlight Yourself

Apart from strengthening your portfolio, it would help if you tried displaying your expertise. Customize your cover letter and resume for the various front-end development careers you plan on pursuing. Pick proper keywords that validate your knowledge. Concentrate on marketable terms like CSS, HTML, jQuery, Bootstrap, and agile development.

One of the best methods to do so is by discussing projects you have taken part in or completed. You must reference concrete experiences. Avoid sweeping claims such as ‘willing to learn’ or ‘team player’ unless these terms are mentioned in the job description.

Finally, yet importantly, share the links to any independent projects or initiatives you have participated in. If you are concerned that your resume needs more luster, seek third-party assistance. You may also create an online portfolio that delineates your capability and eagerness to become a talented and exceptional employee.

Prepare For Interview Questions

To get one of the best front-end developer jobs, you must be able to answer all the questions employers generally ask during an interview. In addition, both experienced candidates and beginners must also ensure their website design is user-friendly.

Research The Organization

Several hiring organizations usually question candidates and filter them based on how well they know about the organization. This is to detect if they have an idea of the organization's current projects. So, please research the company you are planning on interviewing for.

Take Part In The Website Development Community

Please take part in different coding communities online where experienced developers share their projects. You may get peer comments that can help your work grow. These communities help you gain relevant experience along with helpful feedback. You can get valuable connections that would pave the way for job opportunities.

Look Out For Open Positions

Look out for front-end developer positions across plenty of industries. However, before you go for an interview, please gain substantial information about every industry and what qualifications they need.

Opt For An Internship

If you cannot secure a permanent job immediately, you may opt for an internship. That’s a great way to learn brand-new skills from experienced developers. Although the pay is less, it guarantees that you will be hired for a role in a reputed organization later.

Front-end development is one of the most lucrative and in-demand careers. By exerting a substantial effort, people of all backgrounds can become the best developers. There are plenty of options, so the question is how to kickstart your journey. Hopefully, the above write-up helped.


Front end development is one of the most lucrative and on-demand careers. By exerting a substantial amount of effort, people of all backgrounds can become the best developers. 

The tech world is hard to navigate alone.

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