A Comprehensive Guide To MERN Stack Web Development For Beginners

MERN stack web development helps build full-stack applications. Learn everything about MERN stack development with this comprehensive guide.
Ishaan Gupta


As a web developer, you must be well aware of the LAMP stack. It includes Linux, Apache, MYSQL, and PHP. These are open-source components that are used to devise important websites and web applications. However, LAMP has paved the way for MERN, a development stack that is used to build scalable web and mobile applications. 

With the advancement in technology, the way websites are built has transformed. Earlier, developers used diverse technologies to build websites. But now, you can use MERN stack to create a full-stack application. The best thing is you don't have to be an expert at other programming languages except for Javascript. 

It is essential to learn MERN stack development, even if you are new to full-stack development. Once you learn the MERN stack concepts, you can quickly create an application. We have curated this guide to provide information regarding MERN stack development.

What Is MERN Stack Development?  

MERN stack is a web development technology stack used by web developers. It comprises four tools- MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js. These help in developing a full-stack web application by only using JavaScript. It means you don't need to be proficient in other programming languages. 

MERN stack development is gaining popularity because it has reduced some challenges that developers used to face. In addition, the technologies included in it are sufficient enough to offer you several advantages. You can create the overall web infrastructure, including the back end, front end, and database. So, every full-stack developer must consider learning it. 

What Are MERN Stack Technologies? 

As mentioned earlier, MERN stack development includes four technologies. They are as follows-


MongoDB is a powerful NoSQL database management system for storing and managing data. The data gets stored in binary JSON format. It doesn't matter what the size of the data is. This system can reserve loads of data. 

MongoDB is crucial in building web applications as it is highly efficient in various aspects. With MERN web development, you can use it to your benefit and build the best applications. 

Using MongoDB is not complex, but first, you must clear your concepts. Some things might create problems in the process. You can only avoid mistakes and errors by consistently working with MongoDB. 


Another excellent web framework that contributes to efficient web development is Express.js. It is also a valuable component of the MERN stack. It uses Node.js, which is an open-source platform. 

The best part about it is that it transforms the process of developing server-side applications into a straightforward one. Furthermore, Express.js has a user-friendly interface. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or an expert. The simple procedure makes the creation of web applications better.


The next crucial component of MERN stack development is React.js (a front-end display tier). It is a JavaScript library for creating reliable user interfaces on websites. You will find many options in the library as Facebook collects the data. 

React.js is beneficial in forming website infrastructures in many ways. First, you can use it for breaking down the codes into smaller components. Then, you can use them wherever you want in the web application. This way, you don't need to write the codes repeatedly. It will further save you energy, time, and effort. 


MERN stack development also includes Node.js. It is a JavaScript runtime environment that uses the V8 engine of Google when running JavaScript code. The primary purpose of Node.js is to allow developers to write JavaScript outside the browser. 

The back end runs without any challenges by using Node.js. As a result, developers don't require learning other programming languages to become successful at creating perfect web applications. 

MERN stack development is incomplete without these components. Therefore, you should have a deeper understanding of each to prevent risks.

How To Start MERN Stack Development? 

Becoming proficient in MERN stack development might vary from person to person. Professional full-stack web developers don't face troubles while using it. But beginners have to clear the basic concepts to begin learning it. 

Here are some helpful steps in getting started with the MERN stack development- 

Download And Install Node.js

The first and most significant step in the prices is installing Node.js. It won't take much time to find the application on the web. 

Download And Install MongoDB 

The next thing you need to do is install MongoDB. It is a NoSQL database essential for web development. You can get the application from their official website.

Download And Install a Code Editor 

A code editor helps in efficient code writing and editing. There are many code editors that you can choose from for web development. These include Sublime Text, Atom, Visual Studio Code, and more. Make sure to check the features before selecting any particular one. 

Set Up Express.js 

As you know, Express.js is one of the components of the MERN stack. You have to set it up to start a brand-new project. The Express Generator tool helps in setting it up. 

Set Up React.js 

Similar to Express.js, you have to set up this one as well. One of the best tools for setting it up is the Create React App tool. It is beginner-friendly, and anyone can get started with it. 

Integrate MongoDB With Express.js 

The next step is the integration of MongoDB with Express.js. A MongoDB driver is the only thing that assists in connecting them both. 

Create Your Web Application  

It is time to start working on your project using the MERN stack. For this, you can develop Express.js controllers and routes. Besides, you can start creating various React components.

Test Your Web Application 

The last step in the process is testing the project you have completed. Jest and Postman are two valuable tools for testing purposes. After testing, you can deploy it using Heroku or AWS.

How To Become A MERN Stack Development?

Web development is the most prestigious career these days. Well, MERN stack development is also a part of the same. You can quickly ace your career by following these tips-

Understand The Components And Javascript

Once you comprehend all the components of the MERN stack, it will be easier to proceed to other things. These are MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js.

JavaScript plays a crucial part in MERN stack development. You need to have extensive knowledge of this programming language. 

Get An Online Course

You can enrol in an online course to begin your learning. Various options are available, and all you have to do is research. 

Practice Is Necessary

Understanding and learning everything about MERN stack web development is insufficient. You have to put in the effort by practising regularly. This way, you can also build a portfolio of the completed projects. 

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using MERN Stack? 

Even though it seems strange, not every developer uses MERN stack web development. Why? Because there are some cons to using it as well. Let's discuss them in detail-


Easy To Learn

Anyone with a detailed knowledge of JavaScript can learn how to use the technologies in the MERN stack. It is always better to start by comprehending the programming languages. A full-stack developer will get numerous benefits by acquiring MERN stack development knowledge. It makes all the processes effective and efficient. 

Quick Web Development

MERN stack comprises the technologies that work perfectly in building web applications. The overall process is not only perfect but also faster. You can also prevent various errors and mistakes. 

Better Performance

The MERN stack is the best choice to experience better performance while creating applications. You can improve your MERN stack web development through constant practice. 

Use Preferable Components

MERN stack development allows developers to choose the tools of their choice. You can work by using preferable ones without any complications. As a result, you might get more freedom while creating web applications. 

Ideal Ecosystem

Every technology in the MERN stack provides an ideal ecosystem. It helps developers to get what they need from libraries and open-source packages to develop the best website infrastructure.  


Complex To Understand 

Some beginner developers struggle to learn the MERN stack development. It usually happens with those who don't start from basics. 

Difficulties In Debugging

Another disadvantage of using the MERN stack is that it is hard to check for mistakes and errors. There are many components, and it is impossible to carry out debugging. 

Poor Scalability

Even though there are enough portions to scale a web application, some developers find it hard to do the same. 

New Technology

MERN stack development is a new thing. So, developers don't consider using it for every project. It lacks in providing the best standards. 

The Takeaway 

MERN Stack web development will be a leading career in the future years. It is one of the reasons to choose to learn it. Full-stack developers get the most benefit from this technology. 

You can become a professional MERN stack developer by following some straightforward tips. And you have to be patient throughout the journey. 


Is MERN Stack Development Suitable For Beginners? 

As a beginner, you can learn MERN stack development by enrolling in a professional course. 

What Is The Difficulty Level Of Learning MERN Stack Web Development?

An ideal thing about MERN stack development is that only one programming language is required- JavaScript. So, if you are proficient in it, you won't face challenges. 

How Much Time Will It Take To Become A MERN Stack Developer? 

It depends on the course you have taken. Some web developers also consider learning without the course. But the average time to become proficient at it is six months. 

Is MERN Stack Development A Promising Career? 

Yes, MERN stack development is a lucrative career option. 

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