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Become a Frontend Developer as a Fresher – Skills, Roles, & Responsibilities Explained

From devising webpage design & structure to developing new features for an enhanced user experience, frontend developer jobs come with many responsibilities. Dive in to better understand how to get the job of a front-end developer as a fresher!
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A front end developer, or a frontend web developer, is a professional responsible for working on the user interface of websites and applications. While a web designer works on the website's design and appearance, it is the role of the frontend developer to ensure that the design works online without any hassle by using various coding languages such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

It is crucial to note the differences between back-end developer, full stack developer, and frontend developer jobs. The onus is on frontend web developers to refine the parts of an application or website that users see and interact with. Meanwhile, as the name suggests, a back-end developer looks into other vital matters behind the scenes, including infrastructure and databases. Finally, a full-stack developer is a mixture of the roles mentioned earlier and is expected to take care of the entire design process from beginning to end. 

What Skills Should a Fresher Seeking a Frontend Developer Job in 2023 Possess? 

To become a front end developer, a fresher must possess the following set of skills: 

  1. They must be equipped with a degree in computer science or a similar field 
  2. They should be seasoned in the application of coding languages like JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and jQuery 
  3. They should be proficient in the usage of graphic design applications (for instance, Adobe Illustrator)
  4. They must be able to comprehend server-side CSS effectively
  5. The fresher shall be able to engage in effortless communications with bosses, team members, and their clients 
  6. They must possess good interpersonal skills 

What Are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Front End Developer?

If you are looking for frontend developer jobs or similar opportunities, here are the key roles and responsibilities that you must be aware of: 

  1. Decide on webpage design and structure 
  2. Develop features to amplify the users' experience further 
  3. Ensure that the webpage design is mobile-friendly 
  4. Make sure that the webpage design and structure and structure are optimized for the best speed and scalability 
  5. And so on 

How to Become a Frontend Developer in 2023 as a Fresher? 

As a fresher looking for front end developer jobs, you can become one if you carefully follow the steps listed below: 

  1. Learn Coding Languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript 

Coding languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript serve as stepping stones for web and app development, so it is imperative to learn them. In addition, rapid technological advancements allow freshers to hone their coding language-related knowledge through various online resources.

  1. Hone Your Knowledge 

Freshers must be well-informed on various books and articles related to frontend development if they look for a job. In addition, other sources, such as YouTube, can help freshers further hone their knowledge and skills.

Another way freshers can improve their skills is by utilizing their newfound skills to devise minor user interface aspects. This way, they can learn from their errors and deliver flawless performance when necessary. 

  1. Check out Various Tutorials, Tools, & Open-Source Projects 

If money is sparse, enthusiastic freshers can always check out resources like freeCodeCamp, Codecademy, Bootstrap, and CSS Checklist, among other things, to master their frontend development skills. These tools can be accessed online without any hassle and are extremely useful in the long run. 

  1. Enroll yourself in a course or a bootcamp 

If you have the resources to learn from seasoned professionals in a structured environment, then it is in your best interests to do so. Now, freshers can also enroll in online courses instead of physically attending classes. 

  1. Get an Internship 

Internships serve as golden opportunities for freshers to work under knowledgeable professionals and learn from them. While the pay may not be satisfactory, the experience and the skills acquired more than makes up for the same. Furthermore, these internships often translate into well-paying front end developer jobs or help freshers in getting their dream jobs easily. 


In 2023, more and more freshers are seeking the job of a front end developer due to the multitude of benefits that it has to offer. It is, however, crucial to note that there exists no shortcut to becoming a front end developer and freshers must put in their efforts to improve upon their skills and acquire other relevant abilities to become a good front end developer. 

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Is It Possible to Become a Front End Developer without a Degree?

Yes. Nowadays, a lot of people who don't have a degree in the computer field are learning to become a good front end developer through the multitude of online resources, structured courses taught by professionals, and so forth. In case you are new to the world of front end development, you can start off with beginners level courses and then move on to more advanced courses.

Can You Become a Front End Developer in 3 Months?

Yes, but it’ll be very tough and intensive. It is crucial to keep in mind that there exists no shortcut to becoming a good front end developer and freshers must put in time and effort for learning coding skills, picking up new and important concepts, working under seasoned professionals, and more.

Ishaan Gupta

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