Exploring MERN Stack Developer Salary: Insights For Freshers In India

If you are considering MERN stack development as a career, you must know if it is suitable. Read this article on salary insights for a MERN developer salary in India.
Ishaan Gupta


As the demand for full-stack developers has increased, many people are curious about the opportunities in MERN stack development. Well, it is a lucrative career option. Moreover, you can quickly learn the MERN stack within a short period. 

Web development involves using various tools and technologies. MERN stack is a significant software stack that consists of four technologies- MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js. All these have different purposes in creating a web application. Therefore, it is essential to have extensive knowledge to build your career further. 

Before choosing this career option, you should understand the MERN stack salary trends. The compensation depends on various factors. These include experience, location, skills, and company. Once you know these things, you might find numerous opportunities with a higher salary. 

We will provide you with all the information about MERN stack developer salary insights in 2023. This way, you can decide whether you should consider it or not. 

What Does A MERN Stack Developer Do? 

  • A MERN stack developer creates web applications using MongoDB, Express.js, react.js, and Node.js. They also maintain the same using the MERN stack. Some of their responsibilities include building server-side code, checking web applications for errors, and designing user interfaces. 

  • The professionals need to gain knowledge regarding these technologies. For this, you can consider searching for an online course. There are plenty of them that offer extensive learning. Besides, you can also select an offline institute to get an education. 

  • JavaScript is the most crucial language to becoming an expert in MERN stack development. Learning HTML and CSS is also beneficial for this career. So, proficiency in these programming languages is a must. As other programming languages aren't necessary, you can learn everything quickly. 

What Is The Average Salary Of A MERN Stack Developer In India? 

MERN stack developers in India get an average salary of Rs. 3,00,000- Rs. 6,00,000 annually. However, the salary also depends on location, company, skills, experience, etc. It is always better to research everything in detail before landing a job

The main question is, how can you improve your MERN stack salary? Even if your salary is not good enough as a fresher, you can learn more things and gain experience to get a lucrative job. 

Professionals working in this field for three to six years earn Rs. 15,00,0000 annually. Still, you cannot expect the exact amount because of some factors. So, let's discuss all the factors that affect the MERN stack developer salary in India. 

What Are The Factors That Influence The MERN Stack Developer Salary In India? 

Various factors are responsible for MERN stack salary trends in India. Some of them are as follows-

Location Of The Company 

In India, different cities provide different salaries to MERN stack developers. Therefore, you need to consider the location before proceeding with your job. Cities like Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Bangalore have many IT companies that offer a higher salary to MERN stack developers. Why? Because these places are more expensive to live in. On the contrary, if you consider other small cities and towns, you won't find high pay. 

Size Of The Company 

The company's size is another thing to notice when choosing a job. Large companies provide more suitable earning opportunities for MERN stack developers in India than small ones. Therefore, researching is necessary when it comes to finding a perfect job. 

Years Of Experience 

Another crucial factor that affects MERN stack developer salary is the years of experience. As a fresher, you might not get what you desire regarding compensation. But if you have enough experience, you can earn enough money. 

A fresher in this field can earn up to 3,93,000 lakhs per annum. However, if you have more than five years of experience, you can expect compensation between 7,77,000 to 12,71,000 lakhs annually. 

Some enterprises search for experienced professionals because they don't need much training to create perfect web applications. So, you can consider gaining experience first and then move on to find better employment opportunities. 

Type Of Industry 

Just like full-stack developers, MERN stack professionals also work in different industries. The type of industry you are working in also influences the MERN stack developer salary for fresher in India. You should always consider e-commerce or fintech companies to land a job. Other industries, like healthcare, education, etc., do not offer high salaries. 


What skills do you have as a MERN stack developer? If you have already learnt advanced skills, you won't face issues when searching for a high-paying job. These advanced skills include AWS, React Native, GraphQL, and more. 

In the initial learning stage, beginners do not receive high compensation as a MERN stack developer. But you can start from the basics. This way, becoming professional in other skills won't take long. 


MERN stack salary also depends on the type of education you have acquired. For instance, people with a Master's or PhD in the subject can expect excellent earning opportunities. In addition, some certifications and diplomas also help in getting suitable compensation in India. 

Demand-Supply Dynamics

The demand for MERN stack developers changes from time to time. If the demand is low, the companies won't offer a high salary and vice-versa. So, look at the current demand before considering it as a career option. 

Why Should You Learn MERN Stack Development? 

There is a lot of confusion about choosing MERN stack development as a career. Well, there are various things you need to know about it before deciding the same. Let's dive into it-

Demand Is High 

In India, the demand for MERN stack developers has increased in the past few years. It is because many professionals use the MERN stack for creating web infrastructures effectively and efficiently. The demand growth will surely increase in the following years. That is why it is a perfect career option. 

Easy To Learn 

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner at developing web applications. You can still learn all the skills related to the MERN stack without complexities. Getting an online course is an excellent idea for those starting from scratch. 

You only need to be proficient in JavaScript to become brilliant at using the MERN stack. Other programming languages are not compulsory to learn. 

High Growth Opportunities 

There are plenty of growth opportunities in this career. However, only a few individuals know about this. The field of web development is evolving day by day. So, you can expect much more employment opportunities with improved incentives. 

Quick and smooth creation 

MERN stack technology has transformed how developers build applications. The process is now fast and smooths without any severe issues. Even if you are a full stack developer, you can learn MERN stack and get the most benefits. 


The most significant thing about MERN stack development is that it is a versatile profession. MERN stack developers can work on both the back end and front end of a website. It is one of the reasons why their demand is so high in India. 

Best For Startup Companies 

MERN stack development is a leading career in India because many startups consider these professionals. Due to this reason, the MERN stack salary is also high in India. 

High-paying Jobs 

MERN stack developer salary in India is impressive. To find a perfect job, you must consider several factors, such as location, experience, industry type, etc. Anyone can land a high-paying job by enhancing their skills. So, your primary goal should focus on improvement, and opportunities will follow you. 

What Skills Do You Need To Become A MERN Stack Developer? 

Becoming a MERN stack developer is easy if you begin from the basics. Every professional must know some necessary skills to get better employment opportunities. They are as follows- 

  • You need to be proficient in JavaScript and have basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. 
  • MERN stack includes technologies like MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js. It is crucial to have a deep understanding of them to use in the development of web applications. 
  • You must be familiar with various back-end and front-end applications to continue your career in the long run.  
  • You should also know how to test web applications after developing them. For this, you can learn frameworks like Mocha, Chai, etc. Besides, a basic understanding of deployment tools is also necessary. These include AWS, Digital Ocean, and Heroku. 
  • MERN stack developers should also possess problem-solving skills to handle the tasks smoothly. Almost all companies look for those candidates who are better at problem-solving. 
  • To become a MERN stack developer, you must also communicate well. Why? Because companies require professionals to interact with other team members to complete the projects. It is another crucial skill for a fresher. 
  • You might have to work on user interfaces in your job. That is why you need to be aware of the tools and technologies you can use. 
  • Anyone who wants to build a career in MERN stack development must possess collaborative skills.

How To Negotiate Your MERN Stack Salary In India? 

Salary negotiation is necessary to help you get a suitable salary package. But it is not as complex as it seems. You can follow some tips to get successful at it. 

Market Research 

Market research is valuable for getting reliable information about market rates. This way, you can negotiate a MERN stack developer salary in India. 

Showcase Your Skills 

You have to showcase your skills during the negotiation. The companies get attracted to only potential candidates. 

Avoid Settling For Less 

Some professionals in their initial career stages settle for less MERN stack salary. You must know your worth. 

Communicate Your Concerns Professionally 

Another tip that might help you is to keep professional behaviour during the negotiation. You can tell your concerns without making demands. 

The Takeaway 

MERN stack development career has already achieved success in India. Well, we can expect much more growth in the future. You can become a successful MERN stack developer with the right skills and expertise. 

Once you get proficient in the field, you can get many high-paying jobs in India. Also, consider the factors influencing the MERN stack developer salary in India. 


What Is The Starting Salary Of A MERN Stack Developer In India? 

The starting salary is around two to three lakhs per annum. 

Are MERN Stack Developers In Demand In India? 

The demand for MERN stack developers has been rising in the past few years and will continue at its pace. 

Does MERN Stack Development Have A Future? 

MERN stack development has created a positive impact on the IT industry. There is a vast scope in this field. 

Is MERN Stack Development Complex To Learn? 

No, MERN stack development is easy to learn for beginners. You can start with the basic concepts first. 

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