How To Create A Backend Developer Resume

Backend development has acquired widespread recognition as a profession. If you know how to use frameworks, create a stellar resume and attract employers.
Ishaan Gupta


To write a compelling backend developer resume, you must be thoroughly acquainted with backend development. It refers to creating server-side logic that supports applications and websites from behind the scenes. It includes codes required to build a database, server, and app.

From API integrations to database migrations and setting up unique technologies that allow a website to function seamlessly, a backend developer is a talent modern-day multinational companies depend on to get their digital projects off the ground. For further information, please continue reading.

Responsibilities Of A Backend Developer

Backend developers develop, maintain, and debug the backend components that run a website or an application. As you may imagine, this is a vast responsibility broken into the following tasks –

  • Developing procedures and systems to meet an application’s particular needs.
  • Maintaining databases, including data retrieval and storage, backups, security, and organization.
  • Managing application programming interfaces (APIs) that can integrate apps internally and externally.
  • Finding and eliminating bugs in backend codes.
  • Preventing cyberattacks.
  • Creating a list of codes that developers can reuse without any hassle.
  • Carrying out performance optimization to elevate efficiency and enhance user experience.
  • Developing the entire architecture of an application’s backend.

Backend developers collaborate with architects, managers, researchers, designers, and IT experts to bring various web apps to life. Please specify all these responsibilities in your backend developer resume PDF.

Four Tips To Write A Top-Notch Backend Developer Resume

A high-quality backend developer resume for freshers has a clean design. It fits on a single page, focusing primarily on significant career accomplishments, personal programming assignments, technical skills, courses, and credentials.

Below are four tips you must remember when writing a resume that proves you are an excellent fit for a website development team.

Highlight The Skills

Backend developers rely on various technical skills to perform their job. Thus, hiring managers pay close attention to the skills section of the backend developer resume Reddit. You must note down skills that align with what employers are looking for. Go through the job description and tweak your resume per the programming languages, systems, and projects a company is searching for in the candidates.

Some of the hard skills you generally find in a backend developer resume template are backend programming languages like Python, Java, and PHP, backend frameworks like ASP.NET Core, databases like MSSQL, Oracle, and MySQL, security compliance, and experience with Azure, AWS, and other cloud solutions.

A few soft skills that can benefit a backend developer's resume are communication, analytical capabilities, creativity, teamwork, and time management.

Try not to list every technology you have ever used. Instead, add skills you have mastered and can discuss during the interview.

Create A Customized Section For Additional Programming Projects

A backend developer resume India generally includes standard resume sections such as resume summary, education, work experience, and skills. However, give the recruiters something more if you wish to stand out.

Incorporating personal projects makes you a more qualified candidate. It can be a mobile app, a blog, a website, or anything programming-related you developed on your own. This section is necessary to get hired as a backend developer.

What should you do if you signed a non-disclosure agreement and cannot talk about the past projects you worked on? Some agreements are restrictive, but a few are pretty loose where hiding the client’s name is enough. Read the terms and conditions of the contract carefully.

Include Backend Developer Related Certifications

Suppose you want to create a Java backend developer resume. You then have to include the certificates you got after completing a course on Java. Let the hiring managers know you stay up-to-date with new programs and software.

Jot down the relevant courses and cloud-based credentials in a section labelled 'Courses and Credentials' or the education section.

The certificates must be in reverse chronology, starting with the latest one. Remember to include the certificate's name, authority, code or URL, and critical dates.

Link The GitHub

GitHub is the same as LinkedIn. Most recruiters check it out when looking for backend developers or other technical roles. Think of your GitHub portfolio as your portfolio.

Besides displaying your programming expertise, a backend developer resume GitHub enables you to show off attributes you cannot convey through a traditional resume. For example, it shows you can write and read code or have optimal collaboration skills.

Put a link to GitHub on the resume only if you perceive it as an advantage.

Difference Between Frontend And Backend Development

A front end developer works keeping the user in mind. Frontend development involves the creation of website elements that one can see. Backend development is about the side of a website that the users cannot see. For detailed differences, please check out the below two pointers.

Frontend And Backend Development Focuses On Different Sides Of An Application Or A Website

Frontend development focuses on the features of a website or an application that people will interact with (client side). On the other hand, backend development involves elements people cannot see (server side). They function together to create dynamic websites enabling individuals to use contact forms, make purchases, and browse various platforms. Some dynamic websites are Facebook, PayPal, Netflix, etc.

Frontend And Backend Development Utilizes Different Languages

When you code, you use a programming language. Programming languages let you communicate with your computer through symbols.
Front-end developers utilize languages like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. They also rely on frameworks like React.js, AngularJS, Sass, and jQuery.

On the other hand, backend developers utilize languages like Python, Java, and PHP. You use Python to build websites, evaluate data, and automate tasks. Thanks to Java, you can build cloud applications. PHP or Hypertext Processor lets you develop interactive and dynamic websites. Backend frameworks are Django, Laravel, Spring, Django, Express, and Rails.

Ways To Learn Backend Development

You must specify the resources from where you learnt backend development in your backend developer resume description. There are multiple paths you can undertake. Just make sure what you opt for enhances your skills and prepares you for a job. Traditional routes like self-learning, university, or joining a coding bootcamp are valid.

Coding bootcamps last for months, but in the end, you will be ready to navigate the extensive coding world and land lucrative jobs in top companies.

Popular Backend Development Jobs

You should start looking for jobs if your backend developer resume summary is ready.

Backend development is a broad term that refers to the server side of applications. Knowing how to build backend features can be easily applied to plenty of professions. Below are some of the popular backend development roles –

Backend Developers

Backend developers are generally hired to build the backend of websites. They are also responsible for creating and maintaining databases, servers, and the overall business logic behind websites.

Java Developers

From desktop applications to websites, backend developers specializing in Java are in demand in the enterprise industry.

Software Developers

Based on the job description, this particular role is perfect for developers who have mastered Java or the other programming languages stated above. Additionally, software developers work on non-website apps like desktop apps.

Full-Stack Developers

Full-stack developers know everything about the backend and frontend of the technology stack. For small projects, they are the only developer creating minimum viable products. For larger projects, they act as team leaders supporting the integration between the backend and frontend of an application.


We praise designers and front-end developers for their fantastic user experiences and visual work. This praise is, of course, well-earned. But remember that a website or application will work only when backend developers exert substantial effort.

If you are somebody planning on supporting the infrastructure of a web while handling complex, abstract challenges and are not scared to learn new programming languages, you might be perfect for a backend developer. Rest assured, this field is going to grow at a considerable pace.

Frequently Asked Questions

A few questions frequently asked about backend development are as follows –

What Is The Salary Of A Backend Developer?

They can expect to earn approximately $95,000 on average, as per A backend developer’s salary depends on the location from where they are working. But in general, people in this particular profession are very well compensated. As a result, backend developers are immensely sought after.

Which Language Is Absolutely Necessary For Backend Development?

Backend developers use many programming languages, but python is the most necessary.

Python is necessary for building the backend features of web applications and software programs. A powerful, flexible, and user-friendly language, python is what all backend developers are familiar with.

You can quickly learn and implement python even though it is high-level. Also, humans can read the codes without much hassle. The syntax is logical and straightforward. There are many libraries adopting python for data visualizations and server-side functions.

Data structures and algorithms also play a significant role in backend development. 

The data structure is the best way to arrange data in computers. A few common data structures are linked lists, hash tables, arrays, stacks, heaps, and queues. Backend developers encounter almost all of these throughout their careers.

An algorithm is a definite procedure to resolve problems. Backend developers must know the fundamental algorithms of computers – searching algorithm, sorting algorithm, hashing, matching, recursive algorithm, and string parsing.

Is Backend Easier Than Frontend?

It varies from one person to another. According to most studies, backend development is more complicated. But for a few people, frontend development is a more challenging task. Mastering these sides of the website or application development requires extreme patience and hard work.

What Are Some Of The Basic Backend Development Skills?

A backend developer writes backend codes and communicates essential information when the user triggers a specific action. At present, they have become the backbone of website development and are demanded by many organizations. The backend developers take care of the logic, APIs, and integrations.

Some of the basic skills you should develop as a backend developer are –

  • Knowledge of backend programming languages such as PHP, Java, and Python.
  • Knowledge of frontend technologies.
  • Knowledge of backend frameworks such as ExpressJs, NodeJS, and Django.
  • Knowledge of APIs and databases.
  • Efficiency in the version control system that tracks the alteration of codes in different databases.

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