How To Find Front-End Developers For Hire For Mid-Sized Startups

Do you want to find a suitable front-end developer for your startup? If so, you can do it in simple steps. Read this comprehensive guide to begin your search.
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Starting a business from scratch isn't easy. You have to know everything as a startup owner to overcome the challenges. One of the most significant things for a startup business is to hire highly-qualified employees. 

As front-end development has become crucial for businesses, the demand for developers has also risen. Mid-sized startups are more inclined towards hiring them because they want to have strong web development. 

But how can you find a skilled front-end developer for hire? In this guide, you will learn every step of the process in detail. So, stay with us till the end. 

What Is Front-End Development? 

Front-end development is the first step in creating web applications. It is all about building the "front end" of a website or web application. The primary purpose is to transform the user interface of a web application into an interactive one. That is how people can engage with or use a company's products or services. 

Front-end developers use various programming languages to make the user interface of an application interactive. This way, people can get a smooth experience while using them. 

Potential front-end developers should deeply understand HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They must also know how to work with various tools to create a unique and appealing front end. Besides, they should have the required behavioural skills like communication skills, problem-solving skills, team collaboration skills, and more. It is crucial to consider these things when searching for the best front-end developer for hire. 

Why Should You Hire a Front-End Developer For Your Startup? 

Hiring a front-end developer for your startup is beneficial in many ways. These professionals have adequate knowledge regarding web development, especially the front end. They can create innovative visuals and interactive user interfaces for your startup's web applications. As a result, more and more people might connect with your business. 

Initially, startups want to gain attention from as many people as possible. That is why there is a constant need to find ways to engage them. An attractive website or application is an excellent idea to attract customers. And only an ideal front-end developer can help you with this. 

Here are some of the reasons to find a skilled front-end developer for hire- 

Turn Ideas Into Reality 

Every mid-sized startup has ideas for building its applications or websites. But most of the time, they cannot turn ideas into reality. By hiring a highly-skilled front-end developer, you can achieve this quickly. 

Front-end developers can develop excellent user interfaces for your product. The appealing look and interactive designs of a web application can boost your startup within a few days. That is why it is essential to find an experienced front-end developer for hire. 

Enhance Search Engine Optimization 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a significant role in improving a company's online presence. It is even more critical for a startup business. The more they work on the same, the better it will be for their business.

Surprisingly, front-end developers also contribute to improving your SEO. They can achieve it with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS code optimisation. Moreover, they know what to add in meta descriptions, alt tags, and more to make any web application SEO-friendly. This way, your website's online presence can improve with a higher rank in the SERPs. 

Better User-Experience (UX)

Every startup wants to offer an excellent user experience to the people using their website or applications. A front-end developer can help you with this. They know how to develop appealing and interactive website interfaces by using various tools.  

A better user experience means you can offer the customers what they expect while interacting with a website. It might further help you gain more customers through word of mouth. As a result, your startup can eventually grow in a short period. 

Leave The Competitors Behind 

Front-end developers are responsible for creating the front end of a website and maintaining its quality. If your company's site is slow and unresponsive, you cannot acquire more customers. With this, it becomes impossible to leave the competitors behind. 

The only way you can compete with other startups is by offering customers a smooth experience of using your website. Once they like the user interface, they might want to know more about you. In other words, the conversion rate becomes much better by adopting this strategy. 

Stay Updated With The Current Technologies 

You should find a potential front-end developer for hire because they adopt current technologies. The latest technologies are always better than outdated ones. This way, front-end developers can create impressive web applications. As they are advanced and user-friendly, customers are more likely to interact with them. 

Effective Maintenance Of Web Applications 

Maintaining the performance of web applications is only possible when you have a front-end developer. They always keep a check on the issues from time to time. That is how they ensure adequate maintenance. 

Your web applications should always provide good performance to the customers. Otherwise, nobody will like even to use them. It will also create a wrong impression of your startup, and you might lose customers. 

Save Time, Effort, And Money 

Another reason to find a front-end originator for hire is that they can help save time, effort, and money. As they are knowledgeable, you don't have to put so much effort into creating and maintaining web applications. This way, you can also save a lot of time. Besides, they contribute to saving money by doing diverse tasks without expecting extra compensation. 

Running a code 

How To Find A Suitable Front-End Developer For Hire?

You can quickly find a suitable front-end developer for your startup. All you have to do is follow these straightforward tips-

Search On Job Boards 

The most convenient way of finding a perfect front-end developer is on job boards. There are diverse job boards where you can post the job and find potential candidates. But make sure always to select the best one to get excellent results. 


After choosing the job board, you need to think about how to post the job. It includes curating a brief job description, skills required, qualifications, interview details, and more. These help professionals get some insight into the job details. That is why you need to curate professional content to attract suitable candidates.

One thing that you might not like about job boards is that they have limited options. So, both employers and candidates are not able to connect sometimes.

Freelance Platforms 

Freelance platforms are another option when it comes to finding potential employees. Here you can add your project details and get the right person. 

There are some things to consider before using these platforms. First, the professionals might ask for a huge amount of pay. They are also risky to work with because they sometimes fail to deliver work on time. Also, start-ups select freelancers only when the project is short-term. If your situation allies to any of these, you can hire freelancers. 


You can also find a professional front-end developer through references. But the question is, from where can you get them? Well, you can ask your company employees, family or friends. You have to take the most advantage of your network. 

The most significant thing about references is that they are already approved by someone else. So, you can trust in their work and abilities to perform well in your startup. 

Before choosing a candidate from references, you must cross-check the qualifications you need. This way, you don't need to go through a long process. 

Social Media Platforms 

Some social media platforms help build professional networks. The most crucial one is LinkedIn. Here companies can create job posts for candidates to attract them. If you like their portfolio, you can message them for contact details. 

The best way to attract highly-qualified candidates is by curating a custom message. They might surely like to interact with you. 


Meetups are a new way to find a front-end developer for hire. Many start-up companies always consider meetups. Why? Because it is an organic way to land perfect individuals. You can also get to know the candidates a bit more personally. With this information, you can determine whether they are a suitable choice for your company. 

Staffing Agencies 

Staffing agencies are perfect for fulfilling the hiring requirements. You can convey everything you need to a front-end developer, and they can provide you with the potential candidates. That is why starting agencies are a better option than other ones. But you can select any method according to your convenience. 

Front-end developer working on a computer 

What Are The Various Types Of Front-End Developers?

Front-end developers are of different types. They vary according to experience, employment type, and software they are efficient in. You must understand everything to choose the best professional for your startup. Let's get into it- 

Years Of Experience 

Different front-end developers have different years of experience. Due to this, they also have varied capabilities for doing their job. They are divided into three categories- junior-level front-end developers, middle-level front-end developers, and senior front-end developers. 

So, which category of developers should you choose? It all depends on your startup company's requirements. Many factors impact this decision, such as budget, projects, deadlines, etc. But first, you should understand them precisely-

Junior Front-End Developers 

Junior developers have zero to three years of experience in the field. Most startups usually consider them when there are straightforward projects and a low budget. However, there are other reasons as well to hire these professionals. Some companies believe that freshers are more innovative. 

Mid-level Front-End Developers 

Developers with three to five years of experience in front-end development come under this category. Mid-level professionals have more expertise in handling tasks. Therefore, many startup businesses hire them. They might be an excellent fit for your mid-sized startup as well. 

Senior Front-End Developers 

Senior front-end developers have more than five years of experience. They are most in demand because of this reason. But the only issue is that they might ask for high compensation. And it might not be suitable for startups. 

Employment Type 

You can hire front-end developers according to the employment type. There are there different options for you-

Freelance Front-End Developers 

Freelancer developers are highly-skilled and suitable for the job. But some of them might have high rates. So, choose wisely. 

Full-time Front-End Developers 

These professionals will work for you at a fixed compensation. The best part about hiring full-time developers is that you can give them throughout their working hours. 

Offshore Development Team 

You can also consider getting front-end development services from an offshore team. They are cost-effective and highly skilled. 

Software Knowledge 

The type of software a front-end developer use also makes them different. Also, startup companies have fixed requirements regarding the same. For instance, some want front-end developers proficient in Angular, while others want them to be experts in React. 

The Takeaway 

Hiring a front-end developer is undoubtedly a challenging task, especially for startups. Many things come into play while searching for a highly-skilled professional. But the above-discussed tips might help you a lot in the process. 

Before searching for a front-end developer for hire, you should always consider gaining knowledge about them. This way, you won't have to struggle when picking the right candidate for your startup. 


How To Find Front-End Developers For Hire?

You can find front-end developers for hire through job boards, freelance platforms, referrals, social media, and staffing agencies. 

How Much Does A Freelance Front-End Developer Cost?

A freelance front-end developer costs around $41-$60, depending on project requirements. 

What Are The Skills To Look For In A Front-End Developer? 

The skills to look for in a front-end developer are deep knowledge of programming languages, expertise in using web frameworks, and behavioural skills. 

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Front-End Developer?

There are various benefits to hiring a front-end developer. For instance, they can create responsive user interfaces, maintain web applications, boost online visibility, and more. 

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