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How To Hire A Technical Recruiter For Building Your Engineering Team?

Tech recruiters can rid you of the arduous process of building your engineering team. Here are some tips for hiring the perfect technical recruiter!
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It is crucial to hire the right talent for your company. In today's competitive market, you will need all the help necessary to build the perfect engineering team. In this scenario, a seasoned technical recruiter can come to your rescue. 

An excellent technical recruiter is well-versed in helping organizations build their engineering teams. They can also handle hiring stress on your behalf and help you focus your time and resources on other crucial business tasks. 

So, are you wondering about how to hire a recruiter? Read on to learn more! 

What Is A Technical Recruiter? 

A technical recruiter helps companies build their tech teams by recruiting the right professionals. A technical recruiter takes care of many tasks, from interviewing and screening candidates to recommending the right person for the job. 

Generally, a technical recruiter job description requires the professional to have two to four years of working experience or a good amount of experience in the IT field. Technical recruiters must also have the proper networking and communication skills to help your company get in touch with the best possible talent. The role and functions performed by a tech recruiter are crucial for the well-being of a business, which is why it is pertinent to choose them. 

What Are The Roles And Responsibilities Of A Technical Recruiter? 

The process of filling technical roles or building an engineering team is an intricate one. As a result, a technical recruiter must fulfill the following roles and responsibilities: 

They Must Have An Efficient Strategy In Place 

It is pertinent for the tech recruiter to have a good recruitment or hiring strategy in place. Sifting through tons of qualified candidates, screening them, and deciding the right one can be daunting. But, tech recruiters can carry out these tasks when equipped with a solid strategy. 

They Must Be Well-Versed With Good Recruiting Networks 

They must identify good recruiting networks to hire the best tech professionals. Social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook can help the recruiters in their endeavors. They must advertise the position on these platforms to incentivize professionals to apply. 

Create The Perfect Job Description 

One of tech recruiters' essential roles is creating the perfect job description. The job description must include all the details a company seeks in a candidate. As a result, good writing skills are a must for tech recruiters. The onus is on tech recruiters to write an appealing job description to attract engineers to apply. 

Interview Suitable Candidates For The Position 

It is the responsibility of the technical recruiter to interview the candidates for the position and assess them for the job. They can find and hire the right talents with the right recruitment skills. 

Take Care Of Employer Branding 

At times, tech recruiters have to represent their companies at job fairs to attract candidates. As a result, employer branding is a crucial element of a recruiter's job profile. 

How To Hire The Right Technical Recruiter For Building An Engineering Team? 

Hiring a tech recruiter can bring significant value to one's company. If you have been wondering about how to hire a recruiter, the following tips can assist you in your endeavors: 

Search On LinkedIn 

This app is swarming with many recruiters; a simple "tech recruiter" search will reveal them. LinkedIn serves as the first stop for companies looking to hire recruiters. Once you have narrowed your search to specific individuals, you can contact them about the tech recruiter role. 

Reach Out To The Recruiters 

After you have reached out to many recruiters on platforms like Indeed and LinkedIn, it is essential to present these individuals with the correct information about the role. However, you must also get the information from the recruiters to check whether they are a good fit for your company. 

The essential qualities that a tech recruiter must possess include tech knowledge, recruiting experience, and industry connections. When it comes to tech knowledge, they need not be as well-versed as developers, but a good amount of knowledge is necessary to attract and hire the right engineers for a company. 

A recruiter with a decent amount of tech knowledge up their sleeves will be able to find suitable job candidates across a wide variety of technical roles like developer experience, languages, tech stack, etc. 

Finally, what sets a great recruiter apart from a good one is their industry connections and their networking skills. 

Ask For References 

It is also pertinent for companies to get references while hiring a tech recruiter. They will help you decide whether the individual is fit for the role or not. You can ask the candidates for their references and then reach out to the latter. If they have made a good impression in their previous roles, they also will be able to do well in your company. 

What Questions Should You Ask Tech Recruiters Before Hiring Them? 

Before hiring a recruiter, here are some questions you should ask the candidates to find the most suitable candidate: 

Inquire About Their Sourcing Process 

It is crucial to understand the recruiting process taken up by the individuals and how they find, approach, and close on suitable engineering candidates. It would be best to ask them about the platforms they use, how they approach candidates, their industry connections, networking capabilities, and more. 

Inquire About The Key Duties They Have Performed In The Past 

Most of the critical duties of recruiters are already determined. You want them to utilize their networking connections to find suitable candidates and represent your company at job fairs or industry events, among other things. It is always an excellent decision to inquire about recruiters' past working experiences and roles. 

For instance, specific recruiters have mainly worked on recruiting talents through platforms like Indeed and LinkedIn. This implies that they could be better versed in networking at industry events. 

Ask about the Challenges They Faced In Previous Roles 

While hiring a recruiter, your main goal is to determine the areas they are good at and what areas they need to gain substantial experience in. If asked about the challenges they have faced in previous roles, the candidates will be able to give you some much-needed information that may ultimately benefit your company.

Ask Them about the Skills They Use to Attract Candidates For A Role 

Ask your candidates about the skills they usually applied in their previous roles. This question will help you get the necessary information about their communication skills, networking capabilities, industry knowledge, and more. Finally, this will also help companies realize the value they will get by hiring the candidate. 

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Hiring A Tech Recruiter? 

There are many pros when it comes to hiring a tech recruiter. However, if you use their skills differently, specific cons can also exist. 

Pros Of Hiring A Tech Recruiter 

One of the main reasons you should hire a tech recruiter is that they can take a lot of work off your shoulders and help your company become a more productive workforce. In addition, they can effectively streamline the process of hiring and building an engineering team. 

Most tech recruiters have sufficient industry experience and excellent networking capabilities. These skills enable recruiters to reach out to and engage high-quality candidates who wouldn't react to job ads otherwise. 

Generally, recruiters boast in-depth technical knowledge and are also well-versed in the workings of their companies. This enables the recruiter to make an informed decision. 

A good recruiter can efficiently represent your company at job fairs and other important industry events. At these events, they can make your company stand out. 

One of the best advantages of hiring tech recruiters is their ability to engage passive but highly talented job candidates. Passive candidates are those who are incredibly talented at their jobs and are currently working at a different workplace. These candidates are only willing to switch companies for better perks or incentives and will usually wait to respond to job ads. However, good recruiters can reach out to them personally and pitch the perks of working at your company attractively. 

Cons Of Hiring A Tech Recruiter 

There may be certain downsides to hiring a tech recruiter, especially if you need to learn how to implement your skills effectively. If you hire the wrong candidate for the position of tech recruiter, you will do your company more harm than good. If they have tech knowledge or good networking capabilities, they can bring in the right talents. 

Additionally, ensuring that the tech recruiter is well-versed in your line of work would be best. If they know your company, they can appeal to potential candidates about your line of work. 

What Are The Skills Required For A Technical Recruiter? 

If one is wondering how to become a technical recruiter, here are some must-have skills that will make them a good fit for companies. 

  • Good writing skills for crafting attractive job descriptions
  • Good communication skills to effectively appeal to job candidates
  • Industry experience and good networking capabilities
  • Ability to interview and assess candidates for a role
  • In-depth knowledge of the tech industry
  • Great organizational and project management skills
  • Experience in tracking applications of candidates
  • Experience in using Customer Relationship Management Software
  • Critical thinking skills

Job Interview

How Much Do Technical Recruiters Make? 

In the current day and age, the job of a tech recruiter is an extremely sought-after one. As a result, tech recruiters may come across several recruiting roles which incentivize them for their work handsomely. The average total salary of a tech recruiter in the US is $114,057. Generally, the highest salary for a recruiter is around $75,000. Meanwhile, entry-level salaries are usually around $32,000. 

In India, the national average salary of a tech recruiter is around  ₹4,41,000. Generally, the annual earnings of tech recruiters in India tend to range between ₹1,70,000 to a whopping ₹6,00,000. 

The Takeaway

The process of building an engineering team in a company can be a hectic one. Moreover, the hiring process also takes away time from performing other crucial tasks. In such a scenario, a tech recruiter can be a massive help. They can come in and effectively streamline the process of hiring and building an engineering team. In addition, a good technical recruiter will know how to make their company stand out from their competition, ultimately attracting top candidates to apply for the role. 


Is Tech Recruitment A Good Career Choice? 

The job of a technical recruiter is a sought-after one and is a good career choice. This role is perfect for people who are passionate about technology but wish to avoid becoming a software engineer or taking up similarly demanding roles. Moreover, the job of a tech recruiter can also present employees with good technical knowledge, income, networking capabilities, and more. 

Is There Any Scope For Growth In Tech Recruitment? 

The job of a tech recruiter provides individuals with great prospects for growth. While it is an entry-level position that may not require highly high credentials, the salary a recruiter earns will gradually see an increase with each promotion. Additionally, recruiters can work on their industry skills and networking capabilities, which will ultimately help them in their career prospects. 

Does A Tech Company Need A Technical Recruiter? 

Yes, a technical recruiter is of great significance for tech companies in the current competitive climate. These recruiters can help companies by using their networking skills to incentivize talented candidates to join a company. They can also engage with high-quality but passive talents that wouldn't react to your job ads otherwise. 

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