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The only 4 Interview Resources you need for a Frontend Developer Job

Ace your frontend developer job interview in 2023 with top online courses, tutorials and books. Learn essential skills, and land a high-paying job in your favorite companies
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The demand for developers across every industry is on the rise. Companies are on the lookout for top-notch web developers who are well-versed in front-end development, be it for their new website or their star product. If you have the right skills and experience to do the job, all that stands in your way is a job interview

It is imperative for individuals looking for frontend developer jobs to be equipped with a thorough understanding of essential frontend technologies, including HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. 

This article will explore the four fundamental resources that will help you prepare well for a front-end interview. 

What Are the 4 Best Interview Resources to Help Prepare for Front End Developer Jobs in 2023? 

The following four resources include ones taken from sites such as Udemy, Educative, and so on. These courses cover all the essential topics to prepare for an interview for frontend developer jobs. So here are the five best interview resources that can help you out! 

Udemy's 100 Frontend Interview Questions Challenge

Udemy's course to assist individuals in cracking interviews for frontend jobs covers critical concepts such as JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and more. As the name suggests, this challenge consists of 100 questions related to frontend web development. Additionally, it also consists of questions about interviewing skills. 

A 10 hours-long course, this interview course has been devised by over 1800 developers and it has, on average, 4.5 ratings, making the Udemy course one of the most sought-after interview courses! One needs to have a basic knowledge of frontend to undertake this course.

Here is a link to the interview course by Udemy: 100 Frontend Interview Questions Challenge by Udemy 


Frontend Developer Interview Course by InterviewKickstart 

This course for frontend web development enthusiasts has been created by FAANG+ engineers and can assist applicants in cracking the most challenging job interviews at FAANG and Tier-1 companies. 

The subjects covered in this course include data structures, algorithms, system design, career coaching, and more. In addition, individuals also get much-needed one-on-one assistance in the form of homework assistance, solutions discussion, individual sessions, and so on. 

If you enroll in this course, you can also receive personalized feedback with constructive, structured, and actionable analysis for improved performance. 

Here is a link to the Interview Course by InterviewKickstart: Frontend Developer Interview Course by Interview Kickstart 


Educative's Ace the Frontend Interview

The "Ace the Frontend Interview course" from Educative comprises five sub-courses covering almost every vital frontend concept. These five subcourses include - HTML for frontend interviews, CSS for frontend interviews, JavaScript Design Patterns for coding interviews, Data Scriptures for Coding Interviews in JavaScript, and the JavaScript Handbook: 100+ Interview Questions. 

These courses cover both preparation material as well as practice questions. Individuals can either pick from the sub-courses or get their hands on the whole course. A good idea of critical concepts such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is essential for a student undertaking this course. 

Here is a link to the interview course by Educative: Ace the Frontend Interview Course by Educative


Javascript Marathon Interview Question Series by Udemy

This course is another highly sought-after course for preparing for interviews for front end developer jobs. It is imperative to note that this course is entirely based on JavaScript, one of the most crucial skills for a front-end developer or a full-stack developer in 2023. 

The courses covered under this course include JavaScript language features, DOM & Web, Asynchronous JavaScript, and Automated Testing in JavaScript, among other things. 

Here is the link to the interview course by Udemy - JavaScript Marathon Interview Question Series 2023 by Udemy 



It can be difficult to crack a front-end interview in 2023 if your key concepts still need to be cleared up. The essential parts that one must clear up include HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and web frameworks, among other things. 

Most importantly, pay attention to your presentation skills and your approach to solving the problems you get in your live interviews. Also, ensure that you prepare an impressive front end portfolio while applying to interviews. Remember, no company expects you to know all the answers. Companies expect you to have a clear thought process and a strong understanding of the fundamentals of the technologies you’ll be working on. All the best!

The tech world is hard to navigate alone.

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