Back End Developer Salaries in 2023: Updated Guide

The salary of a back-end developer depends on various factors. Read this guide to learn how to increase your chances of getting a high-paying job.
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The world is transforming with technology in many ways. Like, we cannot imagine our lives without using web applications. The development of these applications involves a lot of work. Front-end and back-end developers are responsible for the same. 

Front-end development focuses on designing, while back-end development makes the application or website interactive for the users. So, both of them play an essential role in web development.

There is a vast difference in the skills required to become a front-end developer and a back-end developer. Before choosing any career, you must know which is better and why.

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Back-end development attracts many technocrats all over the world. That is why it has become a lucrative career option these days. 

The demand for back-end developers will continue to increase in the future as well. One thing that makes people hesitate in choosing this career is the back-end developer salary. Well, the earning potential is already impressive. In this guide, we will discuss the ways to improve it. 

What Is Back-End Development? 

A website or web application cannot run smoothly without back-end development. Back-end developers work on making the front-end interactive for the users. Even though you cannot see the work developers have put in, you can experience it using the website or application. 

Back-end developers work with different programming languages, APIs, web servers, etc., for all behind-the-scenes work. You have to learn these skills to be immaculate at it. 

Many factors impact back-end developer salary. Individuals who want to get incredible employment opportunities should keep working on enhancing their performance. Stopping at one point in your career won't benefit you. This way, you can increase your chances of earning more. 

What Are The Roles And Responsibilities Of A Backend Developer? 

A back-end developer's job revolves around many roles and responsibilities. Before applying as a back-end developer, you should learn them precisely. 

  • Building the web infrastructure, including databases, servers, and operating systems
  • Database management
  • Implementing backend logic for a smooth user interaction 
  • Developing codes and using them in the systems  
  • Working on improving the functionality and speed of the website or application 
  • Enhancing the website's structure according to the requirements 
  • Addressing the user's requests using APIs

What Are The Skills Every Back-End Developer Should Know? 

Every career requires a different skill set. To begin your back-end development career, you need to focus on these things-

Understanding useful programming languages

Back-end development is impossible without the use of programming languages. The most significant ones are PHP, Java, Python, Ruby, and Visual basic. But you can learn as many languages as possible to enhance your performance. 

Different jobs have different requirements for back-end developers. So make sure to check the same and build your resume accordingly. You might get the right job and a competent back-end developer salary. 


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Learning Back-end Frameworks And Databases

Back-end frameworks and databases are relevant when creating the back end of a website or an application. Back-end developers must have deep knowledge of web frameworks and databases to work efficiently.

The popular web frameworks are Node.js, Laravel, Django, and databases include Oracle, Microsoft SQL, etc. All of these help back-end developers in creating a perfect back-end for the users. 

Knowledge Of ORM And APIs 

Nowadays, mobile applications play a crucial part in everyone's lives. Back-end developers use ORM and APIs to build a suitable infrastructure. Therefore, you should learn them to prevent mistakes in the process. 

Other skills include- 

  • Expert in mathematics to perform various tasks
  • Problem-solving skills to resolve complex problems 
  • Quick learners are better at understanding things with precision
  • Creativity also matters a lot in this career 
  • Good communication skills to collaborate with others 

Mastering the above skills is not possible within a short period. You have to keep working towards them if you want to eliminate the challenges. Being patient throughout the journey is necessary for a beginner. 

What Is The Scope Of Backend-Development? 

Many studies reflect that back-end development is a prestigious career these days. The demand for back-end developers has been growing in the past few years. We can expect more growth in the future. 

All these things denote that this career option has an impressive scope. As a back-end developer, you won't be out of jobs or work once you have gained the required skills. You can even get remote working job opportunities with a high backend-developer salary. 

Students often get confused when choosing their careers. To eliminate the confusion, you can find what interests you the most. Back-end development is perfect for tech-savvy students. There is a constant need for learning new and advanced technologies related to building web infrastructure. 

What Is The Average Back-end Developer Salary?

The average back-end developer salary is $90,826 per annum, according to recent studies. It implies that there is tremendous earning potential for back-end developers. 

The pay might vary because various factors influence it. These include the number of years of experience, location, skills, company, etc. 

It is possible to increase your salary by using the right strategies in your career. We will also discuss some tips to achieve it later in the article. 

Junior Back-end Developer Salary 

If you are a fresher, you can apply as a junior back-end developer at a recognized company. The average salary of a junior back-end developer is $82,301. The highest pay can go up to $136K, and the lowest is $50K. 

A junior back-end developer might not require working experience. But they must possess the skills required to become a suitable candidate. As a beginner, your primary focus should be on building the skills. 

Intermediate Back-end Developer Salary 

Back-end developers with 1-4 years of experience come under this category. Their average salary is around $89,766. These professionals need to gain more experience to improve their pay. 

Both junior and intermediate back-end developers work under senior professionals. That is why there is a pay gap between these job positions. 

Senior Back-end Developer Salary 

Senior back-end developers have an experience of 5-10 years. All those who come under this category can earn up to $95,240. The compensation might grow with time, depending upon the company. 

Freelance Back-end Developer Salary 

Back-end development allows professionals to do freelancing as well. People who don't like to work in a company can go for this option. It is also perfect for part-time job seekers. 

There are many platforms where you can build a portfolio to attract clients. Freelancing projects will provide you with income on an hourly basis. You can earn around $61-$81 hourly as a freelance back-end developer. Sometimes, the pay is higher according to the type of project. As a freelancer, find the right clients to increase your earnings. 

What Are The Factors Responsible For Back-end Developer Salary Variations? 

The pay of any professional depends on many things. From experience level to country, everything matters a lot. The most common factors are as follows- 

Years of experience 

The number of years of experience shows how good of a professional you are. Companies hire back-end developers having different experience levels according to their requirements. So, their pay is also different. 

There are three categories of back-end developers- junior, intermediate, and senior. Junior professionals are freshers with 0-2 years of experience. Intermediate back-end developers have 2-4 years of experience. And senior back-end developers have 5-10 years of experience. 

The salary of senior professionals is always higher than junior and intermediate ones. Junior back-end developers have the lowest pay among these categories. 

Type of industry 

Many industries require back-end development. But they don't pay similar compensation to the developers. It is always better to consume information about the pay of every industry before applying for a job. You can make your decision by comparing these options-

  • Healthcare: If you are an experienced back-end developer, you can get a decent salary in this industry. But make sure to research the company well. 

  • Education: There need to be more opportunities in this industry for back-end developers. The salary is comparatively lower than in other industries. But if you have an interest, you can select this industry. 

  • Marketing: The marketing industry requires back-end developers to achieve business goals. Therefore, they offer a competitive salary to the professionals. You can enter this industry if you clear the interview and impress employers with your skills and knowledge. It is the best option for those who want to get higher compensation. 

  • Media: The media industry is another one that provides many high-paying job opportunities. Back-end developers make a substantial income with the necessary skill set. You can quickly discover a suitable job in marketing by researching well. The compensation will grow as per your expertise and skills.  

  • Consulting: Back-end developers get a relatively lower income in the consulting industry. There needs to be more incentives in this option. Before applying to any company, check the industry type to avoid mistakes. 

  • Finance: The finance industry is the best option among others. They offer the highest salary to back-end developers in the market. But entering such jobs requires patience, attention, and focus. 

Team collaborating on a project

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Location Or Country 

Back-end developer salary also differs according to the location or country you are living in. California comes first in the states with the highest pay for these professionals. Many back-developers move to different locations to get a high income. You can also do the same if you think it is worth it. 

The cities where you won't get the expected back-end developer salary are Dallas, Nevada, and Texas. Still, you can research good opportunities in these locations. 

As for countries, Switzerland has better back-end developer job opportunities. The companies usually pay around $110K annually to them. You can also try Denmark, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Austria. The lowest-paying countries are India, Portugal, and Romania. 

Programming Languages 

There is a wide variety of programming languages for back-end development. Some are complex to learn and use, while others are straightforward. Due to this reason, the back-end developer's salary depends on them. 

According to the data, knowledge of Java, MySQL, Linux, and Javascript doesn't help get higher compensation. But if you understand Node.js, Haskell, and XSLT, they can help with the same. 

Is Full-Stack Development Better Than Back-end Development? 

People usually compare full-stack development with back-end development.  A full-stack developer is responsible for creating both the front-end and back-end of a website or an application. So, this job is a bit tricky. Therefore, the salary is often higher than back-end developers. 

If you compare both these career fields, full-stack development wins. Most companies prefer hiring fuck-stack developers over front-end and back-end professionals. Their compensation is also good enough as per industry rates. 

But as a beginner, you must first consider getting started with back-end development. It will help you complete even challenging tasks with less effort. After some time, you can consider acing your career by learning full-stack development.

Back-end development remains a perfect option for you. There are a few things you need to remember when building your career in it, and you are ready to become a successful one. 


Anyone who dreams big can choose back-end development as their career. You can get many employment opportunities with the same. But first, you should learn all the required skills to get a brilliant job. 

Patience is a secret to success when building your career. You cannot get a high backend developer salary initially, but you will grow after some time. Consistent learning is crucial to building an attractive CV to get various job opportunities. 


Is Back-end Development A Good Career?

Yes, back-end development is a suitable career for tech-savvy individuals. Back-end developer salary is also competitive, depending on the companies. 

How Much Can You Earn As A Back-end Developer? 

The average salary of a back-end developer is $90,826. The compensation might go up or low because of the factors affecting the same. 

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