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How To Create A Front-End Developer Resume

Front-end developers concentrate on a website's visual aspects. Read on to know how to make a compelling resume to land a job as front-end developers.
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To create a front-end developer resume, you must first learn what a front-end developer does. Front-end developers create whatever a user sees in their browser. They are responsible for the appearance of a website or an application. They utilize coding, design, evaluation, and debugging skills to establish the ''client-side'' of the website.

While front-end developers must have a little knowledge of website design and backend, they do not need to master every aspect – that is the job of a full-stack developer. However, understanding different languages, design conventions, and tools can go a long way when working in a team.

Steps To Keep In Mind When Formatting A Front-End Developer Resume

Please remember the steps below when formatting a front-end developer resume doc.

  • Start with an attractive resume objective or resume summary.
  • Write your educational and work history in reverse chronological order.
  • Promote your website development capabilities and front-end skills.
  • Incorporate additional sections like foreign languages and IT certifications.
  • Remember to attach a cover letter before sending out the resume.

Choose a proper font, use the white space, and bold the headings to guide recruiters through the different resume sections.

Skills All Front-end Developers Must Add To Their Resume

Even if you are building a front end developer resume with no experience, you must specify the skills you have cultivated over time. The below skills will help you get freelancing projects or a job in any top-notch organization.

Front-end developers must acquire technical skills such as kinds of code, digitized tools, and primary industry conventions. Soft skills are equally necessary as technical skills. Here is an overview of what you must know as a front-end developer.

Front-End Languages

The best front-end developers are thoroughly acquainted with the coding languages that form the client side. These include HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. 

HTML or Hypertext Markup Language structures webpages and their content. For instance, use paragraphs, data tables, images, and bullet points. CSS describes the overall presentation of web pages, including fonts, layouts, and colors. Finally, JavaScript enables you to implement intricate features on a website.

To learn these languages, you must take the various online courses available. You may also go through written tutorials and videos that teach how to build websites.


Remember to include in your front end developer resume PDF that you have an idea about different frameworks. New frameworks emerge each year, but popular ones like React.js, jQuery, Backbone.js, Ember.js, and Node.js have been around for a prolonged period.

Industry Conventions

Front-end developers can code websites with the above frameworks and languages but should have more skills. That's what industry conventions are for.

Front-end developers must learn the trick to make responsive designs, test codes, debug, and build websites that can function in practically every browser. Plus, they must be familiar with the APIs and working in the command line. Lastly, they can get employed easily if they can use and explain the differences between GitHub and Git.

Soft Skills

As a front-end developer, you should know how to communicate with the technical team and your company or client. That means strong verbal and written skills are a necessity. You must create proposals, progress reports, and wireframes for different projects. You also have to present the projects or speak at conferences.

Front-end developers must be capable of communicating within the code. This skill is essential in creating comments they can refer to later or creating documents for their team members. If your colleagues have to come back to a particular code months later, they will be happy you explained the program while building it.

Attention to detail and problem-solving are also necessary. The end user sees all the aspects front-end developers built, so those should be very well executed.

Finally, yet importantly, front-end developers must be creative and adaptable. Technology evolves at a faster pace. Therefore, you must learn new languages and libraries throughout your career and stay on top of tech developments.

Learn Front-end Development 

Over the past few years, educational requirements have loosened significantly across the tech sector. Once, it was only possible to land development jobs with a degree. Modern-day employers have become immensely flexible. You can take the below approaches to receive a website developer's education and then note it down systematically in your front end developer resume reddit.


Thanks to Bootcamps, you can become a front-end developer in just ten months. The price of bootcamps is less than studying in universities, but they may cost more than self-learning. Scholarships and financing are usually available from the bootcamps.


The university is the lengthiest and most expensive way to become a front-end developer. Unless you reside in an area where university education is low-cost or free, you must spend around $40,000. University programs take approximately four years.


You can learn front-end development on your own too. Self-learning generally includes free or reasonably priced coding courses. You can learn the basics from YouTube videos or platforms such as Code Camp. You have to spend thousands of dollars based on your chosen resource. The duration ranges between ten months and five years.

Gain Experience As A Front-End Developer

You must also state the experience you gained in your front end developer resume LinkedIn. Now the question is how to gain experience as a front-end developer. Build projects to enhance your portfolio or work on open-source assignments readily available on GitHub. If you join a bootcamp, you will probably have several portfolio projects after finishing the program.

You will get internships or apprenticeships in many countries to gain substantial experience. These can be excellent opportunities to receive portfolio pieces. You get paid apprenticeships. You may use that money for bootcamp. Internships can be unpaid or paid.

Another way to get experience is to provide services to an NGO or a charitable institution. That way, you will be able to develop and showcase your skills, add valuable projects to the portfolio, and help a significant cause, at the same time.

Apply For Jobs As A Front-End Developer

Now that you have written a compelling front-end developer resume summary and your resume is complete, apply for jobs.

As a front-end developer candidate, you must undergo several interview rounds and one coding test. Find jobs throughout the internet –

  • Indeed
  • LinkedIn
  • Google Jobs
  • Glassdoor
  • Dice
  • Hacker News
  • Telegram
  • Slack
  • Discord

After applying for a few jobs, be patient because it may take some time to hear back.

The interview procedure is exceptionally long and complex, so please be prepared. Some questions employers ask are as follows –

Can You Tell Us A Little About Yourself?

This question can be difficult if you have spent time managing technical challenges and memorizing answers to intricate issues. Simple and non-technical questions, after all, will catch you off guard and make you sweat.

All employers will ask you a little about yourself. So, make a short introduction instead of being spontaneous. Take about one minute to answer this question. The objective here is to not learn about you. The communication skills are really under scrutiny. Start by telling your present role, where you live, experience, etc.

Stay true to the script, and you will not get distracted. You will refrain from rambling or leaving a wrong impression.

Why Are You Interested In Website Development?

If you are an entry level front-end developer with no professional background, this particular question is something you should be prepared for the most.

Personal branding is essential. Although you cannot provide corporate experience, the recruiters are looking for something other than technical skills but your motivation and enthusiasm. So, whatever story you have, find a fascinating way to inform how your love for coding started and how it can benefit prospective employers.

What Would You Do If You Fail To Solve A Coding Problem?

No one is perfect and there is no shame admitting that – even when you are in the job interview.

Through this question, the recruiter is trying to determine what methods you would use when you cannot work out a problem. Of course, googling everything or talking to fellow web developers helps.

Whether you are deep in Stack Overflow and other forums, ask a friend, colleague, or any knowledgeable developer from the development network. They will be happy to assist you.


If you do not have the time to create a resume on your own, you can surely take help of the front end developer resume template free download. According to research, knowing everything about front-end development within a year is possible. If you feel prepared, please learn coding first. As mentioned in the above discussion, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS are the foremost places to begin.

There are plenty of courses you can rely on to learn the fundamentals of this discipline in 30 days along with the soft skills. Whether you plan on attending a bootcamp or learning things independently, you will find support from a huge community. The developer community is budding quickly and so is the demand for front-end, back-end, and full stack developers. For more information, reach out to Pesto.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know how to write a front end developer resume objective, it is time to get answers to a few more questions regarding front-end development. Please check them out.

What Are The Tasks Of A Front-End Developer?

Even though there is a bit of variation across multinational corporations, you can expect front-end developer role to include all or some of the following –

  • Enhancing user experience
  • Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to materialize the various concepts
  • Creating user interface and maintaining it under all circumstances
  • Executing designs on the mobile websites
  • Making tools that optimize site interaction regardless of browser
  • Managing the software workflow
  • Adhering to SEO practices
  • Eliminating bugs and testing usability

How Much Does A Front-End Developer Earn?

Since you know how to become a front-end developer and create a resume for the same, let's move on to earnings. We have rounded up the salary for front-end developers in countries all across the globe. The below figures are based on the data taken from CW Jobs, Glassdoor, and Indeed.

  • United States - $100,500
  • United Kingdom - £55,000
  • Canada - $85,500
  • Australia - $120,663
  • India - ₹3,70,500

Like most of the jobs, the salaries of front-end developers depend on the location, their skillset, and the type of organization they work for.

Can You Become A Front-End Developer Without Any Degree?

Earlier, you must have a software engineering, IT, or computer science degree to become a front-end developer. But now you can learn front-end development through organized certification courses. If you are not aware of the field, you can participate in beginner courses and then move to advanced topics.

Why Is Front-End Development A Prospective Career Option?

Incredible flexibility, huge salaries, and high demand make front-end development an excellent choice no matter if you are starting out or taking a new direction in your professional field.

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