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How To Go From A Front Developer To Full Stack Developer?

A full stack developer can build a website from scratch. A front-end developer can upgrade by learning about the back-end. Begin as a full stack developer now!
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What Is A Full Stack Developer?

A full stack developer needs expertise in two aspects of web development: front-end and back-end development. The front-end and back-end developers work together to create a website that is interactive and responsive to user requests. A front-end developer uses HTML and CSS to create platforms that will work on different systems like tablets and smartphones. 

On the other hand, back-end developers work with servers and databases to ensure that every click the user makes gives them a swift response. Back-end development works to make the front-end experience better. A full stack developer is expected to be familair with both aspects to build a website from scratch. Following a complete stack web developer roadmap will help any web developer to full stack development.

What Does A Full Stack Developer Do?

A full stack developer looks into the front and back end development. Anyone who follows a full stack web developer roadmap 2023 is expected to know both front-end and back-end. They will not only be familiar with multiple languages but will also know how to navigate through multiple frameworks. A full stack developer should know the following skills in order to step into web development:

Fluency In Programming Languages Is A Must

The more, the better. Python and Java are popular languages. However, Ruby and PHP are also popular languages that can add to your portfolio.


They are basics that any web developer is expected to know. However, the JavaScript framework goes with Java, so it will also be of assistance if you are familiar with Java. 

Web Development

Web development works on understanding where the glitches in the website are. Working on debugging will help the website work better and optimize software performance.

Version Control Systems

A full stack developer should also know how to manage the version control systems. The modifications to the website with each new version would require changing the code to accommodate the changes. GitHub is a platform that helps with managing version control. 

Back-end development is primarily dependent on understanding the databases and servers. 

A full-stack developer can also increase their skill set by reading through job descriptions of preferred employers. 

The Roadmap To Full Stack Development

Following the roadmap to full stack developer helps gain the requisite knowledge of full stack development. Since it is divided into two parts (front-end and back-end), a full-stack developer will have to work with both aspects to increase their knowledge base. Here are the steps a potential full stack developer can follow to step into the industry of full stack development.

Learn About Front-End Development

You might not need a refresher course if you are already a front-end developer. However, there are many new changes to the field, and staying updated on front-end development is essential. 

Learn About Back-End Development

Back-end development requires knowledge of databases, servers, and version control systems. Therefore, learning about MySQL and Oracle, the most popularly used databases, is essential. At the same time, back-end developers are also familiar with web hosting platforms. 

Work With Full Stack Developer Framework

As a front-end developer, you are expected to work with frameworks like Angular and React. However, for following a full stack python developer roadmap, you can work with the Django framework. Full stack developers use Angular, but it also depends on the preference of the developer and the language you are comfortable with.

Choose The Right Course

You can choose from three courses of study through the java complete stack developer roadmap. Degree programs are the most popular among new developers because they need to build a foundation for their skills. Boot camps are for somewhat experienced developers who only want to add to their skill set with new information related to full stack development. Self-guided courses will help you learn at your own pace. Online resources and books can go a long way.

Set The Right Timeline

The right timeline can vary from person to person. Options such as boot camps, formal courses, and self-learning are available. The resources for each medium are different, and the timeline depends on your grasp of the skills. You can complete the learning curve in about 6-7 months, or it can take about a year to get everything in order before you start applying for jobs.

The Takeaway

A front-end developer will have to learn about back-end development if they want to get into full stack development. The roadmap full stack developer is essential to plan the learning process in the planned timeline. You can also make a portfolio of your projects and learn more about the industry by reading through the job descriptions of the major employers. You can plan your entire career plan through the right resources, and that Pesto can offer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can A Front-End Developer Become A Full Stack Developer?

A front-end developer can become a full-stack developer by knowing the basics of back-end development. They will need to know the details of working with servers and databases. After becoming comfortable with back-end development like you are with front-end development, you can start working as a full stack developer.

How Long Will It Take To Become A Full Stack Developer?

The time for becoming a full stack developer depends on your current expertise and the medium you choose. For example, a university course will have a set timeline. A boot camp will also have a set of syllabi. On the other hand, learning through books and tutorials can help you pick up new skills at your own pace. Becoming a full stack developer can take anywhere between six months to a year.

Do All Front-End Developers Become Full Stack Developers?

Front-end developers can become full stack developers, but some only choose it. Front-end development is very dynamic, and new changes are constantly being introduced in the field. Adding back-end development to the area of expertise can be challenging, which is why full stack development is only chosen by a limited number of front-end developers.

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